Food Rx: It's What Your Body's Been Asking For!

What is Your Body Telling You?

Are you eating to thrive, or eating to survive? Every time you eat, you trigger metabolic changes. Your food choices directly impact how you look, how you feel, and how healthy (or unhealthy) you are. So where is your health right now? Do you have hot flashes or unexplained weight gain? Do you feel overwhelmed or disconnected, or are you dealing with chronic pain? Do you have diabetes or high cholesterol? No matter what your struggle, you have the power to solve your health issues, and it starts on your plate.

What is the Solution? It’s a FOOD RX.

Fast Metabolism Food RX is going to give you a unique prescription to heal whatever it is you’re dealing with! Now I’m not talking about a pharmaceutical prescription; I’m talking about a food prescription, a “Food RX.” I want to get to the root of what’s really going on in your body and give you the prescription for true metabolic repair.

I write prescriptions using food as medicine because it’s the most powerful, safest, and most effective way to treat and heal the body. I know because I’ve seen dramatic results in my clients for the past 20 years and because I’ve been there too. I’ve healed myself through food, despite being born with an autoimmune disease, crazy allergies, and two genetic disorders (amongst many others). I have food to thank for my health today, and I want you to thank food too. I want you to thank food for how good you feel, how well your health issues have resolved, and how you can fully embrace your life!

The Key Equation to Health

Food integrates into the body in a powerful way. I like to explain it to my clients by using a simple equation: E + M = H. Here’s what it means: Eating & Exercise (your current “Environment”) + Metabolism & Metabolic Pathways (all the parts that make up “Me”) = Health & Homeostasis (“Harmony” when everything is in balance). This equation is your solution to health, let me explain.

    • E is what you eat, how much you exercise and the “Environment” where you live, work and breathe.

      Your food choices most powerfully control your environment. In my world, D.I.E.T. is an abbreviation for “Did I Eat Today?” You should ask yourself “Did I eat today for better energy, to balance my hormones, or to reverse my autoimmune disease?” Food, not lack of it, is always the best way to address the metabolism. We must make food a priority to achieve health.

    • M is your metabolism and the metabolic pathways that make up “Me.”

      The word metabolism means “to change,” and it’s the rate that you convert food into useful energy. If your environment shifts, whether it’s a new diet or a stressful event, your metabolism will change to adapt. If we know how to manipulate our metabolism, we can manipulate how our body works. Imagine your body is a racecar. The metabolism is the engine, and the metabolic pathways are the gears that make it work. The best fuel in the world can’t power up the car if the engine or gears are broken. If we don’t give the car (our body), the right fuel (the food that we eat), then its engine and gears (our metabolism) can’t perform. We must have the right fuel and a working metabolism to reach health.

    • H is “Health,” meaning that your body has created internal balance or homeostasis.

      Our goal is to maximize health and harmony for the body. What is your highest hope for your health? Do you want more energy, better memory, or to reduce the need for medication? What would you do if you weren’t so fatigued? It’s time to realize that everything you eat influences the possibility to make these dreams come true. Through taking our Self-Discovery Quizzes online, prescribing to a plan in Fast Metabolism Food RX, and using my recipes to plug into your food prescription, we can achieve health. We are waiting for you.

Now It’s Time to Listen to Your Body

It’s time to listen to what your body is telling you. However mild or severe your symptoms, these clues guide us to know what needs repair. I’ve grouped these into seven categories, and in my book, Fast Metabolism Food Prescription (Food RX), I give you seven unique programs to feed your body back to health.

Is your Body Whispering?

    • Digestive problems? Do you have difficulty digesting food, have food allergies, or irritable bowel syndrome? Do you suffer from heartburn, constipation, bloating or gas after eating? It might seem like just a whisper, but you need a food prescription.

    • Are you fatigued? Do you constantly feel exhausted or find yourself falling asleep at your desk? Is it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning? Your body is whispering; You need a food prescription.

Is your Body Talking?

    • Hormones out of balance? Do you have hot flashes, unexplained weight gain, premenstrual symptoms that are getting worse, low libido, or crazy mood swings? Listen to your what your body is telling you; you need a food prescription.

    • Elevated Cholesterol or Inflammation? Do you have high cholesterol, inflammation or maybe an appetite that seems completely out of control? Do you have high blood pressure, dry skin, or recent weight gain? Your body is talking; you need a food prescription.

    • Cognition and mood changes? Do you have mood changes, loss of appetite, anxiety, attention problems, panic attacks, or afternoon sugar cravings? We must listen before it’s out of control; you need a food prescription.

Is your Body Screaming?

    • Metabolic syndrome or blood sugar issues? Have you been silencing the whispers and now have a body screaming for help? Do you have blood sugar issues, prediabetes or diabetes? Are you constantly hungry or have intense carbohydrate and sugar cravings? Do you have abnormal labs including fasting insulin, blood sugar, or triglycerides? Your body is starving on cellular, structural and hormonal levels; you need a food prescription.

    • Immune Dysfunction? I know exactly what it’s like to have a body that is at war against itself – I’ve been there with my own autoimmune disease. Whether it’s Celiac’s, Hashimoto’s, Arthritis, Psoriasis, MS or a host of other nonspecific autoimmune conditions, this is your body’s way of screaming for help; you need a food prescription!

Let’s get to solutions

If you’re like my clients and have multiple health struggles, you probably need information on one or more of these issues. I’m going to give you the game plan, and Fast Metabolism Food RX is your playbook to help you work with your doctor, learn what medical tests to ask for, and learn how to repair the metabolism, target metabolic pathways, and maximize the equation to achieve health. We'll work through Self-Assessments, Whole-Body Diagnosis Quizzes, meal maps and delicious recipes. Take this plan, join our active community online for support, and start cooking up your prescriptions with hundreds of our delicious and healing recipes. We are here, and we are waiting for you.

Let’s get started, let’s get to solutions, and let’s start to eat to treat; Fast Metabolism Food RX will feed your body back to the health!