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What is The Fast Metabolism 10-Day Cleanse Program?

The Fast Metabolism 10-Day Cleanse Program is a step-by-step program that includes a combination of whole food and Haylie’s custom formulated Cleanse shake. It is packed with targeted micronutrients and whole foods, such as organic spinach and spirulina.

You would incorporate drinking the cleanse shakes over the 10-Day Fast Metabolism Cleanse Program along with other delicious meals and snacks.

What’s Included in the 10-Day Cleanse Program?

The 10-Day Cleanse program is designed to provide you with all of the tools necessary to successfully achieve a “Total Body Detox from the Inside Out.”

The program includes 3 Fast Metabolism Cleanse Bottles, 1 bottle of Metabolism Colon, and a comprehensive workbook to help guide you through your Cleanse.

The Workbook Includes:

  • Program Tips & FAQs

  • Delicious Cleanse Recipes to Choose From

  • A Targeted Food List

  • A 10-Day Sample Meal Map

  • A 10-Day Customizable Meal Map

  • And so much more!

Here’s What People Say About the 10-Day Cleanse:

This is the first cleanse that I completed from start to finish. I was worried about the 5 days of shakes, but I must say that I never felt hungry and didn’t eat a lot of vegetables then either. The shakes were good just added some cinnamon. I loved not having to worry about what meals I would need for the day. I took a bottle of the shake mix to work. All that I needed to bring was the bottle. I ended up losing 6 lbs on the cleanse. Would I do it again? To let you know how much I loved doing it I have already ordered my next batch to do in a couple of months! – Connie G.

I have 18 month old twin boys and work full time. My life is constantly busy. I have an upcoming trip back home to see family and didn’t want to go still having the baby weight from my pregnancy. The 10-day cleanse helped me gain control over my eating and I lost 7 lbs. I’m only 4 days into FMD and have already lost another 2 lbs. I have not done anything that has worked as well for me as this. I’m excited to see how close I can get to my goal weight by my trip. Thank you Haylie! – Kim K.