Making a Bloody Mary & What Happens if Vodka “Accidentally” Falls In.

“Help, Haylie! Vodka ‘Accidentally’ Fell in My Bloody Mary, and I Don’t Know What To Do!”

Picture this: It’s the close of another long week; deadlines, children, traffic, past dues, must-dos, but you made it through. You’re committed to the FMD and nothing will get you off track – not even the week you’ve had. You’re standing around the kitchen with your loved ones enjoying the conversation, the music, and some well-earned downtime. You fix yourself a Bloody Mary – virgin, of course – and vodka “accidentally” falls in. What do you do?

First, stay calm; this is no time to panic! I kid, of course. Life is peppered with a plethora of tests. I’m here to tell you that this is not the end of the world, and definitely not the end of healing your metabolism..

Information is power, so here’s the 411 before you 911. I don’t have to tell you that alcohol is processed through the liver (an organ that the FMD is healing), or that alcohol is filled with empty calories, or that alcohol does nothing to aid in your metabolism. My knowledgeable FMDers know this already. You probably already know that alcohol is extremely high in sugar, and that it converts to sugar fast and furiously in the bloodstream – exactly what we’re trying to avoid. If you’re at the start of your 28 days, or smack dab in the middle, you’ll want to avoid such “accidents” as vodka in your Bloody Mary. If you’re on the other side of that four-week journey, and you’re in the Fast Metabolism Living chapter of your life, that “accident” isn’t so bad after all.

Firstly, if it’s vodka that “fell” into your Bloody Mary, this is the best-case scenario. Clear liquors without additives and food colorings are much, much better choices than the cheap stuff. And, since you aren’t indulging often, you can treat yourself to top-shelf clear liquor, which include fewer chemicals and fake ingredients making it easier on your liver.

When you’re through enjoying that Bloody Mary, your next drink of choice should be 8 ounces of water – in addition to the half your body weight in fluid ounces of water you’re already drinking. Alcohol is very dehydrating, and water will start the flush of waste and toxins ASAP. Plus, water will enhance your metabolism (alcohol won’t!). Bonus Tip: Spring water is best!

Of course, the vodka was “accidental” and all, and there’s no way to plan for such accidents, but know that alcohol is better NOT consumed in the morning. That means if you want a Bloody Mary for brunch, I promise you a virgin version will taste just the same.

What if that “accidental” vodka turned into a night of drinking? Alcohol causes inflammation, i.e. bloat, and the more colorful the alcohol, the worse the bloat. This is exactly why 3 days of the I-Burn is best in this particular situation. If you can’t commit to a full Burn, stick to just the I-Burn tea as soon as you wake up, which will immediately dilute toxins, reduce their inflammatory effects, and send them on their way.

See, not the end of the world, right? We’re human, and despite our best intentions, we still may have moments of weakness. But, that doesn’t have to throw your diet off course. Right the ship and get back on track. I’m right there with you.

If you find yourself craving sugars or alcohol, consider supporting your body with Metabolism Control.