Q: Is The FMD Ok If I Don't Need to Lose Weight?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this from people who think it’s a crazy question. I’m here to tell you that it’s not! The Fast Metabolism Diet is a sound nutritional program for everyone.

It’s About Repairing the Metabolism

As you know, I view food as medicine –- from my clients with significant health issues to the healthiest individuals. I see many clients who are body weight thin, but their cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and pro-inflammatory markers are insanely high. Very lean people will actually access their muscle for fuel first, which can cause a lot of health risks. What’s important to remember to take away from this is the metabolism isn’t just about weight; it’s a chemical process that affects every aspect of the body’s health.

Introduce Fruit – and Oil

For anyone who wants to try the diet and NOT lose weight, but stabilize, I would suggest cooking with olive oil and grape seed oil in Phase 1, instead of waiting for Phase 3, as in the long-term weight loss plan. We know that typically, the fats in oil cause a dramatic increase in fat oxidation, aka, fat burning, in the body in Phase 3, but when weight loss isn’t the goal, bringing them in for Phase 1 would be really effective.

I also recommend adding fruit to Phase 2, aside from just lemons or limes, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is going to work especially well if the individual, say an older child, is really active. This will allow the body the opportunity to convert and build up muscle.

Important Q&A

The most important questions you should be asking yourself about your diet is:

- Did I Eat Today? (DIET!)
- Did I eat to enhance my health?
- Did I eat to lay down muscle?
- Did I eat to improve my hormone status?

The answer to all these questions should always be yes – every day, regardless of the phase, regardless of your personal goals. Remember, metabolism is so important – not just for weight loss, but for healthy bodies.