Say “Bye Bye” to Belly Fat

Targeting Belly Fat

I can't tell you how many times I've been told: "spot loss is impossible." These days, I just smile because I know that spot loss is not only possible, it's REAL, and I've helped my clients lose fat strategically for 20 years.

Have you ever noticed that when you gain weight, you tend to gain it predominantly in one area? And it sometimes varies by age. I have clients that tell me when they were younger; they would gain weight in their breasts and hips. But now that they are older, they gain it in their belly—even if they'd historically had a flat tummy. Sound familiar?

Let's think about why that would happen: As we experience big hormonal changes—for instance after pregnancy, during and before menopause, or when our stress load increases—our body responds and adapts to those changes by using and storing nutrients differently. And if you can GAIN weight in one spot, I'm here to tell you that you can LOSE IT in one spot too. And excess belly fat is the hallmark of hormone-based weight gain.

It's all about controlling the formation, conversion, and movement of hormones throughout the body—promoting the formation of fat-burning hormones like T3, getting them to the right receptor sites in the liver and gallbladder, and efficiently eliminating unused and misused hormones that are trapped in fat cells.

 In my clinic, I use three of my supplements in a strategic combination to deliver a sucker-punch to stubborn belly fat. I call this trio my Bye-Bye Belly Fat Bundle.


A 3-Part Punch to Bust Belly Fat: Bye-Bye Belly Fat Bundle

  1. HALT the Fat-Storage Process

Metabolism Free Radicals helps reverse the "why" behind belly fat, breaking the cycle of hormone-based inflammation. The ingredients and antioxidants in Metabolism Free Radicals work with Metabolism DIM to disrupt the dysfunctional hormones that cause insulin resistance.

Free radicals are a natural phenomenon in the body. They're created when things are broken apart; for example when the hormone T4 is converted in the body to the fat-burning hormone T3. To do that, the T4 needs to lose an iodine molecule. What's produced as a by-product of that transfer are free radicals, potentially damaging 'rogue' molecules that cause inflammation.

Inflammation inhibits insulin's ability to allow nutrients into your cells to be broken down and used as energy (instead of stored as fat).

Metabolism Free Radicals is a wonderful antioxidant blend that helps 'wrap' free radicals and neutralize them. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and allow the body to break down fat.

Take two capsules of Metabolism Free Radicals twice daily.

  1. REMOVE Unwanted Fat 

I like to think of Metabolism Fatty Acids as the transport system that delivers the right nutrients to the right receptor sites to stimulate fat burn for fuel (energy). For example, the omega-6 fatty acids in Metabolism Fatty Acids deliver T4 to the heart and liver where they are converted into our fat-burning friend T3. So yes – you are taking fat to burn fat.

When this transport system isn't working correctly, hormones aren't broken down or can't get to the right place, where they can pool in the blood. As a response, fat cells proliferate to handle the un-metabolized hormones, contributing to belly fat. In fact, Fatty Acids have been studied especially for its ability to target abdominal fat.

Fatty Acids have been shown to elevate a protein inside of the cell wall, elevating glucose transport proteins to allow sugars to be burned for energy instead of stored as fat. For my clients battling belly fat, I use Metabolism Fatty Acids to help rebalance the dysfunction that's creating belly fat. It's also been shown to increase basal metabolic rate to burn fat even faster.

Take two soft gels of Metabolism Fatty Acids twice daily.

  1. REPAIR the Damage

The third part of this belly-fat-burning trio is my Metabolism DIM. I think of DIM as the trash collector. DIM helps clear pathways of natural toxin elimination, picking up non-functional or 'bad' hormones and guiding them out of the body, breaking up that belly fat.

Metabolism DIM helps flush out those bad hormones, making conditions optimal for those good fat-burning, metabolism-fueling hormones to flourish. Stress, environmental toxins and lack of sleep can all be bad influences on our metabolism, creating an overflow of stress hormones like cortisol. Metabolism DIM helps reduce the effect of those influencers so the body can replenish and renew itself.

Take one capsule of Metabolism DIM twice daily.

Get all three supplements at a discounted price with my Bye-Bye Belly Fat Bundle.