Should You Change Your Eating Habits? Try My Fast Metabolism Tortillas

Low-carb dieters tend to panic when they see the list of foods for Phase 1 because they’ve been taught to believe carbs are bad. Carbs are not bad and food is not bad - if you choose healthy sources. Fruits, brown rice, oatmeal, alternative grains like quinoa and amaranth, lentils, beans - they are all good. The carbs you won’t be eating during this phase are refined sugars, wheat, or corn. These carb sources are much harder on your body, and most people have ingested way too much of them over their lifetimes.

But if you’re not a low carb dieter and you’re used to eating a lot of refined sugars and processed foods that don’t require much digestive work, your body’s going to have to gear up for the job, too. Foods high in refined sugars make the pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, liver, and gallbladder get lazy. It’s like you’ve been plodding away on the elliptical trainer at a slow pace that barely distracts you from watching the Today show on the gym TV, and then you get a personal trainer who steps in and shows you a more efficient way to exercise. But this isn’t boot camp. This is a kinder, gentler trainer who helps you condition in a way that doesn’t exhaust you, but instead gives you more energy and stamina.

We’re pampering and nourishing now, not abusing. We’re breaking old patterns, not indulging them. The B vitamins in this phase will help modify a natural sense of panic your body may temporarily feel from being without habit-forming refined sugars and white flour.

Breakaway from refined sugars and white flour with these Metabolism Tortillas.

Gluten-Free Fast Metabolism Tortillas

Makes 8 tortillas

Portion: 2 tortillas is a Phase 1 grain; 1 tortilla is a Phase 3 grain


1 cup Fast Metabolism Baking Mix

4 large egg whites (liquid pasteurized are fine)

1/2 cup water

1/4 teaspoon sea salt


Whisk together all ingredients. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-low heat. Drop about 1/4 cup of the batter, and smooth out to make 8-inch tortillas. After a few seconds, when the tortilla begins to brown, flip it and cook the other side.

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Enjoy these recipes! Remember Pleasure stimulates the Metabolism