Spotlight on spot loss: Belly fat

Coming up on the New Year, magazines love to quote people in the diet industry who say there’s no such thing as “spot loss,” as if it’s some mythical thing, like the Loch Ness Monster. I’m here to tell you spot loss is absolutely real.

We all know that you can GAIN weight in certain areas. Haven’t you ever looked down and thought, “what’s up with my stomach,” or checked out your rear in the mirror and wondered where the wide load came from.

If you can gain weight in certain areas, then you can absolutely lose weight in certain areas. Sure, genetics and bone structure play a part, but if you can gain weight on the backs of your arms, or your calves, or your hips, then you can lose it too.

I once had a client that just needed to lose weight on her waist and hips. I was able to get 3 ½ inches off her waist, and 2 inches off her hips without taking anything from her bust or calves, where she did not want to lose any weight. Her trainer couldn’t believe. But with the right foods, it’s absolutely possible.

Target: Belly fat

Let’s talk right now about belly fat – probably the most common area where people wish they could lose weight.

Digestive issues can be a culprit behind the “belly pooch” and the muffin top. When the mucosal lining of your GI tract isn’t happy, inflammation is that result. Inflammation in the body can make your face look puffy; if your socks leave marks on your ankles, or if you have trouble removing your rings at night, that’s inflammation.

And inflammation can also manifest as belly bloat. If you start out the day okay, then notice your belly getting bigger and bigger, especially after meals, look to nurture your digestive tract. The D-Burn, one of the three mini-plans included in my book, The Burn, is perfect for those with belly bloat and digestive symptoms. I use alkalizing vegetables, cultured foods, cooked fruits and targeted healthy fats like coconut and walnuts to streamline the body’s elimination of wastes and toxins.

Hormonal issues can also play a part in the accumulation of belly fat, and it can be the solution as well. You’ve probably heard of cortisol, sometimes called the belly fat hormone. Cortisol balance is highly sensitive to stress, which can increase cortisol production and lead to – you guessed it – more belly fat.

Phase 1 of the Fast Metabolism Diet is the perfect prescription for soothing the adrenal glands, which regulate cortisol release along with other hormones. The whole grains and natural sugars on that phase calm both the body and the mind. And when the adrenals have been soothed, and cortisol levels have dropped, your body is ready to release fat cells from those trouble spots – the butt, hips, thighs and belly.

On the Fast Metabolism Diet, Phase 1 lasts just two days a week. One option, if you’re really targeting belly fat, is to try a Phase 1 Intensive, using my Phase 1 Shake and targeted supplements to spend a week or more getting cozy with Phase 1 foods and its nutrients.

Don’t give up on that belly fat! Tackle it with the right foods.