The Science Behind the Bye Bye Belly Fat Bundle

If you want to heal your metabolism but you seem to be stuck in a cycle of cravings and weight gain, you need a metabolism accelerator that can intervene, resetting your hunger hormones and rekindling your body’s significant fat-burning potential. Meet the Bye Bye Belly Fat Bundle! Belly fat is pure fuel, but if your body is resisting using that fuel for energy, this bundle can help shift your metabolism and hormones in ways that can finally burn through that belly fat and turn weight loss resistance around. I want to tell you a little bit about these three supplements, why we put them together, and what science says is true about the micronutrients they contain.

Metabolism Free Radicals

When the body is producing fluffy belly fat, there is a hormone-based conjugation of fat around the midsection, and the first metabolic pathway we want to intervene on to turn this around is the inflammatory pathway. That is why we have formulated this micronutrient-rich formula with two power ingredients: salicin, a raw material that comes from white willow bark, and 5-LOXIN, a patented formula that comes from Boswellia serrata extract. Together, these two ingredients are formidable modifiers of inflammation and can impact how the body breaks down hormones associated with inflammation. In this product, we use these ingredients to promote the anti-inflammatory hormones that specifically shrink or flatten fat cells so they secrete the metabolism hormones that will enhance your rate of burn, while suppressing the hormones that can make you crave sugar. 

Metabolism DIM 

Speaking of hormones, this amazing combination of anti-inflammatory and hormone-regulating ingredients is the next product in the bundle. Metabolism DIM features three pure and potent ingredients to intervene into the hormonal process that encourages belly fat. First, we include DIM (diindolylmethane), a compound from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, that helps to metabolize excess estrogen from the body that could be contributing to weight loss resistance. This is great for women with estrogen dominance during perimenopause, but men use it, too. DIM has become trendy with bodybuilders because it helps to prevent men from back-converting testosterone to estrogen, so they can lay down muscle more efficiently. 

We pair that power ingredient with turmeric, which contains the compound curcumin, one of the strongest anti-inflammatory ingredients you can find in your kitchen, along with black pepper extract, which contains a compound called piperine that makes the curcumin in turmeric 2000% more bio-available. Any turmeric product without black pepper just can’t be absorbed by the body as well. 

The combination of these three ingredients effetively reduce inflammation while increasing increases blood flow to the midsection, which often has poor blood flow, making it harder for the body to release that belly fat. Since inflammation can result in insulin resistance, which can slow the body’s natural ability to metabolize not just estrogen but stress hormones like cortisol, and that can lead to a proliferation of fat cells in the belly area, this formula intervenes in that process. We see a lot of what some people call insulin-resistant bellies or estrogen bellies, which Metabolism DIM’s three key ingredients can repair.


Metabolism Fatty Acids

The third product in the Bye Bye Belly Fat bundle is newly formulated. We used to call this Metabolism CLA, and it contained only one fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid. A lot of research has shown that this fatty acid is a trigger for fat burning. As research has progressed, we now know that adding an omega-3-6-9 formula can work on reducing inflammatory prostaglandins, which can interfere with fat metabolism. We don’t use just any old omega-3-6-9 formula. Ours is plant-based with no soy or fish oil for maximum anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergenic action, with no fishy after-taste. We have a high bar for ingredients to qualify for inclusion in this quality formula!  



Finally, let’s go over dosage. For Metabolism Free Radicals and Metabolism DIM, I recommend taking at least two capsules twice a day. I like these to be with meals because as you consume food, your body produces a lot of great digestive enzymes and also increases blood flow to the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. All of this ensures the uptake and absorption of these supplements, so the incredible investment you are making to burn your belly fat will actually get delivered to your belly!

For the Metabolism Fatty Acids, I typically advise taking three, three times a day. For those with a lot of hormone dysregulation, or for those who are dealing with PMS or severe menopausal symptoms, sleep disorders, or elevated triglycerides, I will sometimes bump this up to four, three times a day. Continue with this regimen for a full 90 days. Sometimes in my clinic, I’ll play with adding in a few other accelerators like the Fat Blaster. 

There you have it—my science-nerd take on my favorite belly-blasting bundle! Stay tuned for more blogs about how to educate your body, via micronutrients, on how to burn fat for fuel, and then get ready to say “Bye-bye!” to your belly fat.