Top 3 Questions About the Fast Metabolism Cleanse

Unfortunately, our bodies are exposed to multiple toxins every single day. We breathe them in, expose our skin to them, and even eat them. It’s not easy for our bodies to get rid of them naturally – not without the proper assistance. The Fast Metabolism Cleanse is a 10-day, step-by-step, total body makeover that works from the inside out. It helps your body detoxify from all those daily exposures. Here are the top 3 questions I get about doing the Fast Metabolism Cleanse.

Q1: What if I cannot finish my shake? How important is it to get all my shakes in?

A: Great question! You can make the scoop size smaller if you feel too full, or just can’t get all your shake in. It is important that you don’t skip the frequency of the shake on any given day because those micronutrients are designed to help facilitate detoxification, emulsify fat, and feed the brain chemistry and the brain hormones.

Q2: I noticed the food portions are smaller? Is this the standard portion for everyone? Or do we add ½ serving like on FMD if we have more weight to lose?

A: The portions on the Cleanse no matter how much you weigh are the same for everyone. However, if you have 20 lbs. or more to lose double your veggie portions. Also, if you find yourself feeling hungry, you can always have 1 and ½ portions of fruit with your meals and snacks (where required).

Q3: I have a container of Cleanse powder, but don’t have time to do a full 10-days. Is there a 5-day option? Or a shorter version of this program?

A: Yes, maybe you have an extra container of Cleanse powder (or leftovers from another cleanse), but not enough for a 10-Day Cleanse. Maybe, you cannot fit a 10-day cleanse into your schedule. If that’s the case, you can always try a 5-day Cleanse. You would follow a 3-4-5-4-3 day cycle, incorporating the meals and snacks into the plan as outlined in the 10-Day Cleanse Program.

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