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Who knew? 6 unexpected dairy ingredients

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Who knew? 6 unexpected dairy ingredients

We avoid milk, cheese, butter and other dairy ingredients on the Fast Metabolism Diet. That’s because the fat/protein ratio in milk products won’t help you at all if you’re trying to lose weight. Not to mention that most of our dairy products come from animals pumped full of growth hormone and antibiotics. It’s easy enough to avoid the obvious dairy ingredients, but there are  a bunch of words that sound nothing like “milk” or “cheese” — but are in fact dairy derived.

Here are six of the most common culprits: Ingredients that don’t sound like dairy, but are dairy-derived: Keep a sharp eye out on food labels!

1. Casein and caseinate. This is a milk protein that causes clotting. It’s used a lot in cheese to help it hold together, but you’ll see it in other foods and drinks too.

2. Whey. Whey is a protein that’s left after milk has been curdled and strained — it’s a byproduct of cheese making. It’s often used as a protein in energy bars and powders.

3. Lactose. Actually, anything starting with “lacto-” or “lacta-” is most likely milk-derived. Lactose is the sugar that’s in milk.

4. Ghee. This is a clarified butter that’s used in South Asian cuisine.

5. Paneer. This is type of cheese used in South Asian cuisine. It’s a little like cottage cheese. It can be made into more solid blocks or cubes, or used as a creamy ingredient in other recipes.

6. Rennet. Rennet is an enzyme that comes from the stomach lining of young calves. It’s used to curdle milk to make cheese. It’s not used that often in mainstream U.S cheese making, since it’s more expensive than other curdling agents. But you might find it on some artisan brands.