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Using Success Boosters

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Using Success Boosters

Ever feel like you just need a little something extra? Success Boosters are my little gift to you – a little burst of healing, energy and repair just when you need it.  Success Boosters are an important part of The Burn, but you can use them anytime.

I am always open to hearing something new, learning about folk and traditional remedies and keeping an open mind. You could say I’m a bit of a collector of these holistic and natural medicine strategies. But they have to WORK – no snake oil here.

In my book, The Burn, you’ll find my favorite Success Boosters. Each of these remedies works best for a certain goal, so you’ll find different tips for the I-Burn, D-Burn and H-Burn.

Success Boosters can be a targeted exercise, a food-based addition to a meal or snack, a meditation or breathing technique, or a wellness practice. I invite you to explore them all. Most of them aren’t just useful on The Burn plans – they’re useful anytime.

I’ve written here on the blog about many of these Success Boosters. Here are a few favorites and how you can incorporate them into your day.

Flower Essences

These are gentle, safe, benign natural healing essences drawn from flowers. I use flower essences in my practice to alleviate stress and anxiety. Use flower essences on the I-Burn, D-Burn and H-Burn, or anytime you need a calming release. 


It feels great to bounce on a mini-trampoline for low-impact aerobic exercise. But rebounding isn’t just fun – it’s a wonderful stimulant for your lymphatic system. This activity is an option on the I-Burn, where I want to stimulate detoxification and liver cleansing. Read more about rebounding.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is healing inside and out. It’s an optional addition to your D-Burn, where we want to soothe and heal the mucosal lining. Aloe vera juice can help relieve constipation, too. Add it to your morning smoothie.  All about aloe vera

More Success Boosters

We also have several other success boosters for you on our site. You can check them out below.