VLOG: Does the I-Burn soup have to be pureed?

The I-Burn soup is an unlimited food on the 3-day I-Burn meal plan.  In this video I discuss if it’s okay to eat the soup without pureeing it first.


When there’s inflammation in the body you are holding on to excess fluid–water and lymph. There’s a slowdown in the natural systems of elimination. This causes a rise in acidity in the body and excess subcutaneous fat or cellulite accumulation because the body is trying to find places to store the toxins that are building up.

The I-Burn is a 3-day plan that targets your body’s reaction to food by nourishing and restoring the organs and systems that manage toxin removal: your kidneys, lymphatic system, and bladder. This high-speed toxin purge is designed to reduce edema and scavenge cellulite, and the result will be fast, effective weight loss. You can lose up to three pounds in three days.

You will also:

  • Create an excretion reaction, so your body starts flushing toxins instead of holding on to them
  • Hydrate your body to dilute toxins, and help the kidneys work more easily to flush them out
  • Deluge the body with kidney-supportive micronutrients
  • Make the body more alkaline. A stable pH increase the rate at which the body metabolizes, or burns through, food, and creates an environment that stimulates the fat cells to release fat for fuel.

With the I-Burn, you will attack subcutaneous fat like cellulite and edema, stabilize your body’s pH, and reduce inflammation. We’ll quickly smooth out the skin, deflate the swelling, soothe the bags under your eyes, return your hands and feet to their normal size, and ignite your glow.

Inflammation Intervention: What to Eat for It

The I-Burn soup is a vegetarian soup made with root veggies, sweet potatoes, mushroom broth and greens. This soup intensely nurtures the kidneys, lymphatic system and bladder by delivering micronutrients that support them.  It will calm the inflammation and flush excess fluid from your body. A key ingredient in the soup is the mushrooms which contain an antioxidant called ergothionine. Scientists are just now beginning to recognize ergothionine as a “master antioxidant.” It is also an amino acid continuing sulfur, which is great for your skin.

During the 3-day plan, the I-Burn soup should be eaten twice a day — one for lunch and one for dinner.  You can also eat it between meals as much as you need to if you get hungry.

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