VLOG: Community Support

WATCH THIS VIDEO: As a community, we are dedicating to working on the mechanisms of the metabolism and using Spring as a time to detox. That’s why we are doing the 10-Day Cleanse Challenge!  Whether you want to join us for the challenge to rid your body of toxins or simply re-commit to doing the Fast Metabolism Diet or anything , this is the right steps leading back to optimal health.

Ready to start the 10-Day Challenge? Click here to learn more.

Already been successful on the Fast metabolism Diet and want to start again? Here’s some basic tips on how to keep that metabolic fire roaring so you can handle every diet curve life throws your way!

Eat in “phases” to rev up your metabolism

Every few days, you’ll switch up your menu:

  • Phase One focuses on fruit and whole grains
  • Phase Two emphasizes alkalizing veggies and lean proteins
  • Phase Three balances proteins, veggies, fruit and whole grains plus healthy fats

Each phase–and the specific foods within that phase–sets off precise reactions in your body, coaxing it to unlock and burn fat. It’s the constant switcheroo that forces your metabolism to get going. You’ve got to confuse it to lose it!

Stick to the foods on the lists

For each phase, the book includes an extensive list of foods that will work. This is based on the nutritional makeup of each individual protein, fruit, vegetable and fat. There are different fruits, veggies, etc. on each phase. But don’t worry — the lists include lots of choices, and you’ll be able to find plenty of foods you enjoy for each phase.

Real food only, please

We eat only real food on the Fast Metabolism Diet. Nothing fake, nothing with an ingredient list as long as your arm. Fat-free and sugar-free diet junk are off-limits! The diet lists healthy portion sizes, too — you’ve got to fuel that metabolism. And you won’t go hungry. In fact, many of my clients are surprised how much food they get to eat.

Cook a little!

Bye-bye to frozen low-cal dinners and fat-free “diet” foods. That’s fake food — it’s just a load of chemicals that drag down your metabolism.

Luckily, real food is really pretty easy. The Fast Metabolism Diet book includes more than 50 super-simple recipes — including family favorites like slow-cooker chili and pepperoncini pork roast — that you can tailor to your lifestyle and cooking style.

Steer clear of metabolism crushers

Wheatcornsoy, dairy, alcoholcaffeineadded sugar — these can all have a place in your life, but not for the 28-day Fast Metabolism Diet. This is your time to focus on repairing your metabolism, and these metabolic downers derail that process. Bonus points if you quit eating these bad guys now, in advance! Click on each of those items to read why they bog down your metabolism.