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Wheat-free vs gluten-free

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Wheat-free vs gluten-free

A question I’m often hearing from clients regards confusion between wheat-free and gluten free. And having a son with celiac disease, let me tell you – wheat-free is very different from gluten-free. Both The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Burn are wheat free, but the Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t necessarily gluten-free.

Wheat isn't allowed on the Fast Metabolism Diet because it's been bred to the point that it's nearly indestructible -- which also means it’s practically impossible to digest. Your body makes its best effort at deconstructing anything you put in your mouth, though, so eating wheat can cause a lot of unpleasant side effects like bloating, an irritated intestinal tract, gas and fatigue.

But wheat-free doesn't always equal gluten-free. Certain grains that are allowed on The Fast Metabolism Diet do contain gluten: Sprouted grains, spelt, barley, kamut, and triticale. Conventional oatmeal is usually includes at least a little bit of gluten too, simply because it's processed in the same facility as other grains that contain gluten.

Gluten itself isn’t always a problem, though some people are sensitive to it, and others, those who have celiac disease, cannot consume gluten at all. But for most others, the gluten present in sprouted grains, barley and spelt causes no ill effects. If you fall into the sensitive or celiac groups, it’s easy to do the Fast Metabolism Diet gluten-free – just use whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and wild rice.

Who should go gluten-free?

If you have celiac disease, like my son, it is critical for your health. Gluten can cause lasting damage to your small intestine, so going gluten-free is the only way to avoid unpleasant symptoms like intestinal distress, poor nutrient absorption, depression and fatigue. But even if you don't have celiac disease, your body may still react to non-gluten components in wheat. So if you feel better when you eat gluten-free, go for it!

Gluten-free on the FMD

Going gluten-free on the Fast Metabolism Diet is actually pretty easy, since you've already cut out the primary source of gluten in your diet (wheat). All you have to do is replace the other gluten-containing grains mentioned above with these gluten-free options:

    • Quinoa

    • Millet

    • Buckwheat

    • Teff

    • Amaranth

    • Brown or wild rice 

In addition, you can find oatmeal that has been processed in a certified gluten-free facility, so the oatmeal is gluten-free too.

Gluten-free on The Burn

The Burn plans – the I-Burn, D-Burn and H-Burn are all gluten-free and wheat-free.