EPISODE 12: How to be Proactive in a Pandemic


The best way to protect ourselves during this health crisis is to build our body’s immune system and enable it to resist possible infection. The best way to do that is to create a foundation of high nutrition using high-quality organic foods. However, not everyone has access to these and food supplements can go a long way in bridging this gap by providing essential nutrients that may be hard to come by. Joined by her friend Mike Blate, Haylie Pomroy addresses these issues by giving us tips on how to build up our immune systems, choosing effective supplements and other effective hacks to take full control of your own health during this crisis.


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How to be Proactive in a Pandemic

I have been traveling a ton with clients working in clinics, hospitals in all different situations, trying to get this world healthy, despite what's going on in our environment. I had an incredible conversation with a dear friend of mine. We've worked together on a lot of different projects and he asked me some poignant questions about this virus and what's happening in the world with our health, with the health of my clients and you, all of my virtual clients. I said, “Why don't you and I jumped on a little meeting and you can ask me those questions and we can share that information.” Mike is here with me.

Thanks for agreeing to do this. I know I speak for everyone when I say that getting your expertise, your clinical and scientific mind to explain in simple terms what's happening is going to be helpful for me and I'm sure for everyone else.

Thank you for doing this for all of us in our community, because I do know that there are a lot of people out there that needs some answers and need to feel they're being proactive in this process. Not feeling like they're being a victim of either media, misinformation or the stress that's going on. What can we all do together to make a positive impact on the house? You had some amazing questions and they would relate to a lot of the people in our community. I'm yours. What would you like to ask me?

There's a lot of fear, legitimate concern and even some illegitimate concern, but what I want to know first and foremost is from the nutritionist’s point of view and from an expert. What should we know about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus from that point of view? Is there something more?

A lot of you know that I have an Animal Science and Agricultural Science degree. We in that industry have been studying Coronavirus for a long time. Colorado State University, where I graduated from the Rams is at the forefront of developing the vaccine for this particular virus. In the agriculture world, and this is how we believe that this is possibly the way it was transmitted to the human population. We've studied this for a long time.

One thing that we know in the animal models is that this virus is opportunistic and we're seeing this in our public health and in our communities, but this virus seems to go after bodies, both in the animal world and in the human world that is somehow compromised. It's highly communicable, we can pass it to one another fairly quickly, especially when it becomes evident in a particular herd or population, but for sure, it's opportunistic.

You said compromise. Can you expand on that a little bit? What constitutes compromised?

We'd been looking at this for a long time in animal models, we look at a low nutrition plane. Which is why I'm hoping that we're starting to look this in the human models, it's crazy how there's this disconnect. The first thing that we look at when we see this in a herd population is we say, “What are we feeding them? What is nutrition? What is the nutrient density of the feed that we're feeding them? What are the minerals look like? What are the vitamins look like?” When we look at systems or metabolic pathways in the body, in the human bodies, we look to reduce inflammation when the inflammatory processes are heightened whether that's an immune-inflammatory process, hormone dysregulation, arthritis, autoimmunity, diabetes, for sure, we know that provides metabolically the opportunity for viruses to become more virulent or stronger in that body.

Do you think that there's a correlation then between your nutritionist training and your scientific background and why you're getting calls from some of the most prominent physicians and celebrities in the United States?

I'm ground-bound. I'm home. I had fourteen flights. I have been traveling around. I'm a wellness consultant when individuals are out of their paradigm. A lot of the physicians that I work with at a lot of the top hospitals are focus thank, God on disease treatment and not on wellness, not on prevention. With distancing ourselves in large crowds and large populations, that is a good act of prevention. One of the things why individuals are bringing me in the medical community is how can we use nutrition as prevention or to strengthen the body so that this opportunistic virus isn't going to take hold as significantly as they're thinking about.

I am working on my Master's in Public Health at George Washington University. We study a lot about epidemiology, how things cluster in communities. What affects communities? Why are some communities being affected more significantly? One thing that we're starting to see is a low plane of nutrition or low quality of nutrition can compromise the individual that coupled with low growth hormones. That's why we're looking at some aspects of the elderly population and pro-inflammatory hormones. It's not that kids aren't at risk. It's not that we aren't being hypervigilant in our family with all of our kids at all, but it seems to be an elevation in growth hormone and a decrease in the inflammatory hormones are creating some protective mechanism. You know how committed we are to fruits, vegetables and organic foods, but we are doubling down even in our household to make ourselves stronger and not become an easy host.

You are hitting an important point and this is not to disparage those who are stocking up on supplies. There's nothing wrong with that. If I were to be a gambling man, I would much prefer to trade in my toilet paper for better supplements and better foods to make sure that my body has the best fighting chance of making sure that this virus. If it were to come into my household, I would have the strongest immune system, body and health to be able to combat it. You mentioned a couple of groups already. You mentioned the diabetics and the elderly or anyone within the potentially high amount of inflammation, who else should be more vigilant about their eating practices and their supplementation practices?

Everybody. This is called the carrier effect. We look at a lot of this in animal models and we need to look at it in the human models. We are having a higher mortality rate in individuals that are compromised and I fall into that category. I have an autoimmune disorder of blood-based autoimmune disorder. I also recognize though that my kids are incredibly healthy, they can be carriers and expose people like my grandfather or my father that has diabetes and is on immune-suppressing medications. A lot of the medications out there caused significant stress. All of us live in a community, even those that have incredible health, they can be carriers and maybe even asymptomatic.

You mentioned about the toilet paper. People need to feel like they're doing something proactive. In our community, we finished putting together a Power Food List. There are situations, we were at the grocery store and it's shocking to see not only toilet paper but organic beans, organic brown rice. We need those complex carbs in times of stress. If you were doing a carb-free diet, this is the time to set it aside. We don't want to be a body where our pH is acidic. No ketoacidosis, no fasting. We need to feed and nourish the body through this time, but there was such a shortage in those things. What I did was I put together a Power Food List where I want you to have that on your phone.

When you're talking about stockpiling, leave the toilet paper, get what you need, but definitely utilize the food's there. When our kids are away to college, we use the Metabolism Shake all the time, because it's hard for them to get a lot of the fruits and vegetables while they're living in those dorm rooms. It's funny because it's been insane. We have people stockpiling that. I'm a huge advocate for supplements. It saved my life. It got me off prednisone. It got me off anti-rejection drugs. What's crazy that's going on is as we're seeing that these high-quality ones are being effective in supporting the body's immune system, we're seeing price gouging, we're seeing limited supply and raw ingredients and I'm heartbroken and furious at the same time.

I have two questions about supplements. Number one, you even hit the nail on the head. I went down to my local grocery store in Montana. We don't have great produce. We don't have great fruit. We have limited supplies of those things. Personally, I love your shakes because I know I can get all of the macro and micronutrients that are necessary for me and be able to do it without having to stress about attempting to find good quality organic foods. First of all, thank you for that.

Secondarily, being able to use your Power Food List. I love the Power Food List. If I was in an area where I could use this, where I could buy all these foods that are on here, I would do that. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a lot of those foods. You got everything, the pomegranates, lemons, dragonfruits, fennel, cactus, snow piece, this is a great list that you put together for everyone and I'm grateful for this. I have a couple more quick questions and I want to make sure I'm respecting your time. People are going to want to run down to the local chain pharmacy and buy supplements. Can you please address that?

It's disheartening. I'm a little bit furious. I'm trying to not be salty. We have areas in this country that are food deserts and things are hard to get hold of. We're seeing that across the United States. To your point, things like spirulina, kale, spinach, bioflavonoids, all the things that science says can reduce the inflammatory response in the body that it can increase immune response in the body. It's different viral to bacterial that you wait immune system works. That's why we did our Metabolism Shake because I couldn't find it while I was traveling. Those ingredients, we order our folic acid and B vitamins out of Spain and Milan, Italy, we were able to get raw ingredients out before things closed down.

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We're working hard to maintain supplies. We've made a commitment to our community to do price freezing because that is not what's happening. There are probiotics out there that if they're not in a blister pack or a sealed sachet, they'll be good for the transient benefit, but they will not reinoculate. We're seeing poor quality probiotics triple in their prices. I'm beside myself over that. How do you know? There are a couple of quick tricks. Most of the drug stores, pharmacies don't carry products that have independent assay. I know that because we manufacture. It's not to say that ours is the only thing in the world out there. I'm going to teach you a couple of tricks.

We are doubling down on acquiring our supply, but I'm not going to buy raw ingredients, just from any source so I can stay in the manufacturing business. We'll sell out long before I ever take anything onto our line that I'm not going to take myself. I wouldn't, but I also can't because of my own immune system. There's a little bit of a touchy subject for me, but things to look for. Do you want to be on a high-quality multivitamin? When you turn the bottle around, you need to say the word methylated when they talk about their B vitamins, it is 100 times more expensive to buy a methylated B, methylcobalamin than cyanocobalamin. You can guarantee if it says cyanocobalamin, they are buying the cheapest ingredients of petroleum drive. They came from a country that doesn't do an independent assay. They definitely don't do independent assay in the United States or it wouldn't pass.

The other trick is in your probiotics, make sure their blister packed. If you have a bottle of probiotics that you can shake and rattle around that have exposure to the air, the ones that will reinoculate and build your own immune system will not be in there. They will die. They have to either be in a powdered sachet, or they have to be blister packed where they are wrapped in the foil wrap. For bacterial infections, the other probiotics have a transient benefit that can compete for receptor sites with bacteria, but we do not have good medication in the viral world. It is your own immune system that must combat any of these viruses. You have to have a probiotic that is blister packed. If it's not, set it aside. If you get a little canker sore, you can use it.

If you get a little Montezuma's revenge, you can use it, but for those of us like myself that are in the autoimmune category, I know that I have to have balance for my own immune system. It is my own body. It's the ecosystem of the train of my body that needs the support. That's another great one. If you're considering doing a meal replacement shake, we have several the one right now that I feel like is important from an anti-inflammatory perspective because it's got a ton of spirulina and turmeric in it. Also, the bioflavonoids, turn your shake around.

You need to look at the protein source. We get ours out of Belgium. It is chickpea-based. It’s not the time to use Whey, it's pro-inflammatory, it's one of the reasons why bodybuilders use a Whey-based protein all the time. It is not a good time to use garden pea-based proteins. You want to use something that has a spirulina base and we use ours is chickpea-based and that has the alkaline vegetables with it. You need organic kale, spinach, those types of things that will help stabilize the pH, reduce inflammation and strengthen the body that you have with viruses, antibiotics don't work.

I have my own theories and I don't want to corny you on this. If you declined to answer that's okay. You mentioned this is an opportunistic virus. If everyone in this nation, in this country or this planet was healthy and had proper supplementation and had proper minerals and was consuming the correct foods, minerals and vitamins, I don't think that we would even be having this conversation. I don't know if this would have even occurred to this degree because we would have all been healthy enough to fight it.

I wish we had a crystal ball and the capacity to turn, “What ifs,” in the science? What we know is true in science and what every animal model has shown us that this virus in particular is opportunistic and not only mortality, but strength is multiplied in a body that's compromised. This is tremendously stressful for people as well as the economic impact. One of the things that we know is that sugar is the number one in lowering our T cell count. T cells are important in attacking viruses. Number two is stress, and this is crushing for people. What we're trying to do is do everything possible so that people feel empowered.

I understand the psychology of buying toilet paper. It's a basic necessity that lets us know that a basic function in our body is going to be supported. What we want to do in our community at HayliePomroy.com is to provide proactive steps and targeted micronutrients to strengthen the body. The first thing that we've done is we've put together a Power Food List. The second thing that we've done is we're committed to price freezing, no matter what's going on in the industry, I refuse to participate in this. I'm heartbroken about it. The other is we're targeting or focusing on a couple of our supplements, the Metabolism Shake and then our Metabolism Free Radicals which developed with the herbs for strong anti-inflammatory properties.

This is what my family is taking, the probiotic and the multi. We're trying to look at ways that we can reduce the cost. My son has a degree in Economics and Finance. We're going all against supply and demand. We're concerned about running out. We want to make sure that we have enough for our community, and it's not normal to reduce the price in that situation. We’ve got to understand the situation that people and our team does. We're up at night about this, the stress that people are under in anything that we can do to help facilitate it is what we're committed to facilitating people getting well, being well and staying well.

That's one of the reasons why you and I are friends because you have a different approach, different mindset and a quality human being. The whole purpose and intent are to enrich and heal the world. I know that a lot of your fans and readers here are going to be excited to get this. I'm going to go through a quick recap and then we can end. Number one, you mentioned avoiding sugar. Number two, avoid stress. Three, avoid poor quality supplements. Number four, avoid poor quality foods and if possible, only organic, get proper supplementation and get proper education, which I'm summarizing based on what you're giving us all this information. Is there anything else that we should add?

The biggest thing that you can do is create a foundation of high nutrition. Our family, we all got up, we had a Metabolism Shake, we're doing while we can, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I did go purchase things like cranberries and blueberries that are frozen. Everything comes to us as a community and I believe, as a human being for a reason. I hope out of all of this, we understand that the better we take care of this vessel, that we’re walking the world in, the better it can serve us, it can serve others and it can protect us. On my website, we're going to continue to do these conversations. If people have questions, make sure they post them. My phone is blowing up with people asking me what to do and this is what we're doing as a family. It's been a crazy day, but we're going to get through this and we're going to get through it together.

Thank you for sharing with all of us. If you want any more information, please make sure to go to HayliePomroy.com. She's going to have put up a banner where you can go and get more information, get these lists and get the targeted master food list that she was referring to so you know what to get at the grocery store. It's a fairly inclusive list of all of the things that you'll want to make sure you're picking up and putting in that food cabinet for immediate consumption. Thank you. I am grateful.

One last thing, we're all making tablets and chili together. We're all making coconut chicken together. Make sure that you're filling your freezers with foods that you've packaged, not just packaged foods.


Mike and I did an episode about what's going on with the Coronavirus and ways that you can make a significant impact on your health. It's all about fortifying your body and creating resilience in your own body. We got such a positive response. I asked Mike to come and see if we could do some follow-up. As you can imagine, we are getting slammed with questions and concerns. We love being the go-to place for wellness, ideas and suggestions. Mike and I are going to continue the conversation and see if we can give even more in-depth than proactive things that you can all be doing.

Thank you. I'm grateful for this. I learned as I ask you questions and so does hopefully, everyone else. I want to ask these questions that probably everyone else is thinking too. I keep getting people sending me these pictures. First thing, don't panic, prepare. There's no reason to panic. Before I go into the question, could you talk for a second about how that will lower your immune system, panicking and stress?

On a micro level, this is something that those of us, myself, deal with that have compromised immune systems or an autoimmune disorder every day. I travel a lot for work. I travel a lot with the kids. Every day when I travel, I have to source healthy foods. I have to source things that I'm either not allergic to or going to reduce my platelet account. It's a normal process for me to be extremely mindful and extremely planful of my nutrition because, for me, it's what saved my life. It is easy when individuals that have, we call it fear of the flare that has an autoimmune disorder. They can get in a panic situation when they don't have food that's appropriate for them or things that won't an autoimmune response, inflammation or individuals with diabetes would have a blood sugar spike.

On a small level, this is something that those of us with compromised immune systems live with every day. We're seeing this in epidemic proportions in large proportions now because people that have maybe not had to think about sourcing their food carefully, are now being faced with that and being faced with that from a shortage. The first thing I want to say is with every cell in my body, I completely understand the feeling of fear around the scarcity of food. The thing that I will say is that that stress is hard on the immune system.

What we don't want to do is be choosing foods that reduce or compromise our ability to fight this and any other virus. Be careful that you're picking up and being in the grocery store, I'm in shock that it's the cereals that are gone and the potato chips that are gone. The sugary products we know from HIV research that one teaspoon of refined sugar cuts your T cell count by 50% for two hours post-consumption. I understand the fear. I totally get it. We've got to be mindful of what we're choosing to fuel ourselves with right now. We're sending out tons of care packages to individuals that we work with to our family. One of our employees is doing it for elderly individuals at their church and we're trying to be proactive in what is in those care packages that they elevate the health plain and not diminish it.


 Citrus Tea with Ginger | PYP | Episode 12

That was going to be one of my questions was what happens to all these people when they start eating these potato chips and pasta meals and thinking that because that's the only thing they can find right now on the shelves or even online in certain circumstances. This could have a dramatic impact on their health because they weren't able to properly prepare vegetables and fruits in time and shelf-life etc., which you were telling me because I was asking you for a product. I'm like, “Send me a box.” Out of Phase 1 and 2, you don't even have those shakes any longer.

We are extremely neurotic about what we source from a raw ingredient perspective, we're already running into some problems. We are completely sold out of Phase 1 and 2. We have a little bit of Phase 3 left. We were doing some relabeling. We have a manufacturer, but it's a little bit shorter on the consumption time. We usually recommend that people consume it within two years of manufacturing. Although, it's good for five but it only works if you get it in your body. I had this conversation, one of our team members is working to make care packages for elderly individuals. I had suggested Phase 3 powder because my dad is a brittle diabetic. He is diabetic.

He has autoimmune and he's severely immune-compromised. We use the Phase 3 shake. It's funny because my son, who's in college and works out, uses the Phase 3 Shake religiously. My father who struggles with health. A lot of the elderly are given to ensure that product, especially, diabetics things to stabilize their blood sugar. My dad deals with diabetic wasting. That stabilizes him. One of our team members was asking about it and my mom was involved in her church community and was asking me a bunch of those shakes. In our house, I'm also a little bit worried about the supply chain. I've shown them videos of my closet to keep all my goodies.

We are stuck in our California house, I ordered twelve Metabolism Shakes for my family. I've got two college kids and one high school kid stuck in the house. My husband and I, we ordered more shakes. We order jerky, cacao and the berry bars because our family each have their favorites. I ordered 24 packs of jerkies. We're out of some stuff. I'm starting to get a little concerned, personally. We're starting to send out packages to our friends, families and loved ones where I'm sending six of the shakes and cases of bars and the 24 packs of jerkies, Pro-Biotics and the Metabolism Free Radicals to make sure that people have things. We have to sustain life and we can sustain life on pasta and potato chips, but the quality of life comes from quality foods, ingredients and nutrients.

My larger concern would be that those families who are elderly or immunocompromised, like yourself, my wife, my mother who is 72, continue to consume carbohydrates. God forbid that the virus was to come to them, they would have a much worse fighting chance of pulling through with an even further compromised immune system due to eating poor quality food, pastas, some carbs, etc.

I fly like a maniac. I don't worry about it. I know that I'm not invincible. I get my labs. I know that I have an autoimmune aspect, but I'm not one that gets overly alarmed or concerned about things. I'm concerned for our community. I'm protective of people like everybody in our community. I'm concerned about the number of bottles that we have. We're trying to do everything we can do to source more. We are in a unique situation because there's a lot of junk out there, that have tiny labels on them.

If I'm not going to take it from my own health and I'm not going to be sending a goodie box to you, my parents, my grandparents and my son's girlfriend's parents. We're shipping stuff all over the place. My husband's neurologist at UCLA, the gentleman that produces our public television special, my literary agent, we've sent out boxes of stuff. I did not have a good feeling about being concerned about seeing individuals under stress we're compromised, with immune stress are compromised, elderly they're compromised in sustaining on this crappy food. It's frustrating. It's disheartening because it perpetuates a low quality of health and the ability to fight this. We got some phone calls from family members or one of my team member’s nephews, people that are being tested and it's hitting close to home and sitting close to this community.

It's hitting everybody close to home and I'm glad that myself and everyone reading have you to be able to help clear up some of the air. I want to stay for you because I know you're humble about these things. We talked before so that I could know the status of where we are because I want to help you. I want to help everybody else here. You're out of Phase 1, 2 and 3 shakes. You said that instead of selling them, you're going to give a discount to everyone who would need to purchase the remaining inventory that you have, which mind you is not a ton of inventory. It's not even in the hundreds of bottles. There's little left, but you're still going to discount it. Where everyone else is raising prices, you're going to cut the price.

We're sending it to people of one of our team members’ churches and my mom’s and what we wanted to do if someone's elderly is it’s a great one for them or they feel that they're immunocompromised the Phase 3 powder. It's got the MCTs and it's got the dim in it, which is important. Insulin is a hormone and dim help our body metabolize hormones efficiently and wash receptor sites of those hormones. We're asking if anybody feels that would be appropriate for themselves, for their grandparents or parents, that we want to make that available. We don't have matched, but someone on my team's going to take care of this. We're going to mark the rest of those down to 50% of people feel that they need those for the loved one. We've got to do whatever we can for our community and this is our way of giving back.

I know that you don't have a lot of supply there, so I want to make sure that if you're reading this and you haven't yet taken the opportunity, go to HayliePomroy.com, if there's any left, there'll be there, if not, it'll say backorder. If you want, you can get in the back-order line and then as soon as that product's available, they'll let you know and hopefully, the supply chains will be able to stay intact and will be able to get more Phase 1, 2 and 3 as quickly as possible. I want to ask a couple of quick questions before we end the call about some of the other supplements, because you've mentioned a few different supplements, but I love your supplements.

Before we go into the supplements, you mentioned that you had more supply of the Metabolism Shakes, but when I did the math for you, it ended being up your list. You have enough shake more with one shake per person. That's not a lot. I was wondering, Phase 3, the dim and the micronutrients and the macronutrients. Can you talk about what's in the Metabolism Shake and who would that be good for?

I got chills from my toes to my nose. We're working hard. We're on the phone and we got offered crappy ingredients and we declined them and I won't. Let's talk about the Metabolism Shakes. Our families from our high schoolers to my parents, everybody utilizes this. It's a completely organic meal replacement powder. We have a vegan-based protein. It's got the kale, spinach, arugula, pomegranate, turmeric, all those amazing anti-inflammatory roots in the bioflavonoids. This is a great meal replacement shake. What we're telling our friends and family is get up every morning no matter what's going on. A lot of people are working from home, but start your morning with a shake and let’s see what you got and go in for the rest of the day.

We're using a lot of the recipes from the cookbooks. Those individuals that can be on plan, we're having a lot of individuals either do the plan and inflammation protocol, which has two shakes a day Metabolism Revolution, which uses two shakes a day. You'll see in our Facebook, a lot of our community members are doing those plans and those programs. What's great about it is we're having a hard time sourcing fruits and vegetables that we can stock at our house.

My husband always jokes that he gets happy when the kids have the shakes in the morning because he said, “There are a lot of kids that this is more nutrition and they're going to get in an entire week.” We're proud that our family consumes this. I told you this story about my son being college in Connecticut and saw a girl at the gym with the shake and said, “That's my mom's.” It's our most comprehensive meal replacement powder. It's organic and it's chock-full. You're absolutely right in your numbers. We're working super hard.

It is scary because it’s like, "Holy crap, we've never been in this position before.” I've known you a long time and I know our nation and the world's never been in this position before.


 Metabolism Shake | PYP | Episode 12

I ordered twelve bottles. We go through them. In my community, I always show them pictures of my pantry. I ordered bars and jerky.

Let me ask you a couple of questions about these other products here. You sent me a supply, your quantity remaining and your supplies are looking low. You have only 80 of the probiotics left at that time that you sent the email. That's down to now on Monday, March 16, 2020. You're down in the low digits on the Enzyme Balance, Free Radicals, Pro-Biotics are mean you're almost out, Metabolism Energy and Fatty Acids. What is this thing do, the Metabolism Multi? Give us the understanding of each of these, if you don't mind for those who were wondering and don't have the time to take and go through because you have so much information on your website.

The Metabolism Multi I would say it’s my girlfriend's vitamin. We give it to everybody we know. Whenever we go to, whether it's dinner parties or Christmas for kids and teachers. It is ultra-clean, super bioavailable. All the bees are methylated. It helps elevate nutrition in the body. Being an Aggie, having a degree in Biochemistry, all of these aspects, let me know that the better I can make the nutrition, the micronutrient plane, the better I level the playing field and this is how we do it quickly. That's given. In our world, we all take the Multi, it's our community.

We go through thousands and thousands of Multi. It is our number one, reordered people. Notice it when they stop taking it. It's one of those things where I can't take any more bad news as far as we know our food quality is not great. We know we're under crushing stress, I can't dwell on that. I have to be proactive in my mindset because of the practice, autoimmune and kids that I have. I got to say, “This is the hand we're dealt. How can we completely change the paradigm and level the playing field?” That's the Metabolism Multi.

What about the Enzyme Balance?

A lot of people don't recognize as in Enzymes, we think of digesting our foods. It's taking protein and making into amino acids so that you can utilize the nutrition that you're consuming. I had a whole class on this in our Metabolism University and the feedback has been cool. What a lot of people don't recognize is enzymes are what make things happen in the body. Our enzymes activate our hormones and our immune systems, white cell, red cell, T cells, and lymphatics. It is an enzyme that will turn all of those pathways on. It helps us break down our foods, turn into macronutrients and micronutrients, but also enzymes are what activate all of the immune function in the body. They also break down complex carbohydrates. There's a lot of aspect to it, but we should see if we can make that class. It's in Metabolism University, which is everybody's getting it for free when they buy the book.

Let's talk about that and see if we can make something good happen.

When I went out in the diet world, when I wrote the first diet book, FMD, Fast Metabolism Diet, I said, “I'm part of an industry that I'm disappointed in how people treat people and I'm going to go out and say that you can fall in love with food and the metabolism affects every aspect of your life.” I feel that same way. I run shoulder to shoulder with people in the supplement industry that I am disheartened that we're even in the same industry. Price gouging, crappy ingredients, slapping labels on things that are not even what they say are in the bottle. It's hard for me in the diet industry, in the supplement industry. If we can find out, the best thing that people can do is have information, knowledge, education that can empower them. You can chew your food, soup and enzymes, and if you understand how profound enzymes are on the entire body, you can do even that will make a huge impact.

Free Radicals.

Free Radicals are herbal micronutrient complex. I don't know if you're familiar with what's called the, “ORAC value,” antioxidant value. Let me give you this example. We have immune cells that go in. Imagine like Pac-Man that goes in and takes care of any viral potential invader, those cells, we need them to be robust, strong and have a long lifespan. What happens is they get premature aging or premature dying when we get information and we get what they call free radical damage. Imagine this Pac-Man that's a lipid membrane, which is your cell made out of a jelly-like substance and it's going through the bloodstream and there are all these shards of glass. That's what Free Radicals are like.

The Pac-Man pop, disintegrate and break down and they can't go in and chomp the viruses. What Free Radicals do is in the blood they help clean up the free radicals that cause the damage to the cell. They also helped support the natural anti-inflammation secretion in the body. Free Radicals and the pain and inflammation protocol, my particular autoimmune, I'm a hematological geek, I studied the blood because I wanted to get off prednisone and Imuran and CellCept and all this stuff that I was on before. I was on 60 milligrams of prednisone. I wanted to study the behavior of the immune response in the blood because that's the particular autoimmune that I have ITP effects, the platelets specifically in the blood. What I was looking for is a way to vitalize those Pac-Man, I would strengthen those Pac-Man. That's when we brought on the Metabolism Free Radicals.

Two left and we've got to make it short, a Metabolism Energy.

Metabolism Energy is a beverage. I'm not sure if you've tried this one. I'm obsessed with it because it has all the bioflavonoids in it. It's got quercetin, rutin and nitric oxide. It helps deliver oxygen to the cell. Remember that Pac-Man, we want it to be vital and have tons of oxygen, but it also has the natural bioflavonoids, which are natural anti-inflammatories. It's good for things like histamine or mast cells, rashes and hives. It's a little trick that a lot of my clients use to make their eyes nice, white and bright before they stand in front of the camera. I use it to travel. The energy is not because there's any stimulant in it. It's because it helps with oxygen delivery into the cell.

It’s a horrible name almost for it because the way you've described it, energy doesn't even remotely justice. One question on the energy and I know that first of all, it's a powder. You put it into a glass of water, it tastes amazing. On that energy side, you're talking about a histamine response. From what I understand, this specific virus that everyone's concerned with is the biggest problem is the histamine response or one of the larger problems?

It's a combination of histamine, pro-inflammatory and prostaglandins. You and I talked about insulin being a hormone. Our hormones are regulated by the prostaglandins it's PG 1, 2 and 3, which are pro-inflammatory hormones, anti-inflammatory hormones, all of the sex hormones, all of the gluteal corticoids, which regulate blood sugar inflammation, and that histamine the allergy response in the body. It's one of the reasons why we're finding individuals that are immune-compromised. Diabetes is a big one. Any hormonal dysregulation seems to be a big one with it causing more complications. With age, we have more opportunities to maybe manifest these metabolic disorders, but it's not a chronological age aspect. It's has the body aged and metabolic dysregulation or dysfunction has manifested in some chronic disease or imbalance that's allowing these viruses to perpetuate significant impact specifically, on the mucosal lining of the lungs.

PYP Addressing | Health Crisis


You said a bunch of stuff, but a lot of it, I don't understand. Many of our readers here are probably thinking the same thing, but I'm stoked that you understand it because I'm going to do what you say. Last one, fatty acids. I love those things.

There are a couple of things. We have things that build things in the body. We talk about how do we build collagen, elastin, bone and muscle. There are building blocks for hormones which have lipids, which are the fatty acids. There are also building blocks for cell walls and those come from fatty acid. The fatty acids are important in this case for two reasons. One, they help provide the micronutrients to give that Pac-Man that I was talking about in your immune system to be able to go in and chomp exposure. They build that cell wall. They make them stronger in the dignity, outer lining of it. The other thing is our community, we close those fatty acids to carbon molecules at a time to remodel and manufacturer all of our anti-inflammatory hormones, all blood sugar-regulating hormones, all of our immune-boosting hormones that regulate histamine production.

Those are the building blocks. This is the way I like to look at it, and this is why we put it all together. The fatty acids are like the building blocks for all of the hormones all together, the enzymes make that magic happen. Free Radicals prevent the damage that goes on because of the quality of our food, because of our environment, because of stress. They work well hand in hand. I like to use the word metabolism energy when I'm teaching. I talk about that being the messenger that delivers everything around the body. It helps the absorption of nutrients, but because of that oxygen delivery, it helps deliver things into all of the different cells that need repair, fortifying or regenerating. That's how those play together.

You mentioned a lot of different things and you said pairing them together. If you're out of supply on one, I speak for you a little bit when I say, “Taking one of those is better than taking none of them, taking them altogether, is best.”

I want to go through from a lifestyle perspective. Enzymes the way that you can promote those, in addition, I'm supplementing. I will supplement it. I'm knocking on my head, I never want to go back on prednisone again. I want to live the vibrant life that I've been blessed to live. Enzymes, how you can secrete those naturally, chew your food. I've got videos on, sing your favorite rap song, show tune, I don't care, sing happy birthday, but chew your food. On the Free Radicals, fruits and vegetables, Metabolism Shake, all of those dark leafy greens are going to help you not have that damage. The Metabolism Free Radical support and supplement for that.

The Metabolism Energy, whether you're in your house, try to do some cardiovascular exercise, get that oxygen stimulation, dry skin brush, hot-cold showers, things that are going to create stimulation. We know that when we add micronutrients and metabolism energy, it helps the delivery of all those amazing things you're doing for yourself. The lipids, from the fatty acid perspective, things like avocados, raw nuts and seeds, soak your nuts, when you're stressed, you need to soak your nuts. They're easier for the lipids to get there. There's a lot of things that you can feel proactive at home. In the diet world, it was an uncomfortable space for me to come out in the supplement world. We're going to sell out at a discount long before I raised prices and allow lower than the most impeccable quality in my bottles. That's what's going to happen in my life.

That's why I love you because you don't compromise the best. You're going to find a bottle of something that says a multivitamin at your local chain store for $3, but it's not the same as what I'm getting when I buy the Multi from you, because I know your sourcing, science, degrees. I know that you put the time in. One of the things was not only or were you going to take for those who are senior or immune-compromised and selling the Phase 3 Shake? You said you were going to do it at a 50% off discount.

I think you said a 25% discount on the other products. You mentioned Metabolism Multi, Enzyme Balanced, Pro-Biotic, the Free Radicals and Metabolism Energy, and the Fatty Acids. There are limited supplies, you sent me the quantities that you have remaining. It's ridiculous. There are only 149 of the Free Radicals. There's only 80 of the Pro-Biotics. There are only 200 of the Enzyme Balances and you have 100,000-plus people in your list. If any of these are calling to you or if you want to hit home or they go your homepage.

It’s HayliePomroy.com. When I'm sitting and ordering twelve of them for myself and we have the most beautiful team in the world, but every one of our team members, we sent them a goody box and we give them access to anything on the site. They've been there for all these people in our community. We want to do something to try to lighten the load and know that people are struggling.

Thank you. I appreciate your insight and advice. Hopefully, you too. Thank you for your time.

We'll talk to you soon. Text me anytime.

I will talk to you later. Thanks. Bye.

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