Episode 6: Let's Talk Candidly About Fertility, Pregnancy, Parenting w/ Corri English

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Sensational County Western Artist, Corri English (and personal client of mine) Talks candidly about fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and some of the crazy things we did to get here there. In this episode, host Haylie Pomroy brings on long time client, actor, musician and podcast host, Corri English. Corri was having health issues and couldn’t figure out what was wrong when she came across Haylie in a simple internet search. Haylie shares her insights on metabolic stimulation, hormonal balance, anxiety associated with OCD, reproductive health problems and more health topics. Through Haylie’s Cleanse Programs Corri was able to recover and gain back a healthy life.


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Let's Talk Candidly About Fertility, Pregnancy, Parenting w/ Corri English

I have an incredible guest. Her name is Corri English. She's been a longtime client of mine. I've had the privilege to walk through many health journeys with her. Corri is an accomplished and phenomenal musician. She's an entertainer, has been in Broadway and commercials. She’s done voiceover work. She released a new single. She’s got an incredible podcast, helping women and moms find health solutions and support for all things that we all go through. I want to welcome her. Corri, it's such a privilege to have you here. I am honored that you're gracing us with your presence.

I am happy to be here. I'm excited that you're doing this. I can't wait to talk.

We've got lots to go over but before we start, I want to say that Corri is many things in my world. One thing that I'm privileged is she's also been a client of mine for many years. In my clinic setting, when people come in and they walked through the door, there is nothing that's off the table. We talk about everything from sex life, to kids, to hormones, to financials, you name it. We're about looking at anything and everything that'll help with health and wellness. Out of respect for that long relationship that we've had in that clinical setting, I want you to pick a safe word. It can be a food or whatever. It can be number two, whatever you want where if I'm divulging things that you feel like maybe are a little bit on the confidential side, we can always walk it back.

Let's make it number two.

You'll have to share it with our community at some point why that number is spiritual. It's funny because I will remember things about clients. I'll say, “You're taking a different vitamin A. That's not the same prescription you'd had before. Many years ago, remember that time when you had that reaction to that cucumber and red wine combination?” I will remember all of those things, but I don't remember how you came across me and how we started working together professionally.

I found you from an internet search when I was having health issues that I couldn't figure out and it was ongoing. I was having that struggle of, “Is there something wrong with me? Is it in my head?” I was going to see my endocrinologist because it was all hormonal. Everything that was going on was hormonal. I'm happy to go as detailed into that as you want, but I had been working, trying to find someone to help me feel better without having to take some kind of drug or go on the pill. I found you because I was looking for someone who specialized in fertility, not because I was trying to have a baby at that time, but because I was not having periods.

In addition to not having periods, I had talked to one other nutritionist guy who had some pretty extreme tactics. He had gotten me into some bad habits. He'd also taught me that I might have an issue with my thyroid, which is good. I did, but he wasn't quite treating it right. It was holistic and that's fine. There was also some extreme stuff that was creating bad habits for me and it was taking on me emotionally too. I work in the entertainment industry and there's always a lot of pressure to look a certain way. I love that it shifted since we met in many ways, which is amazing. In addition to having this pressure to look a certain way, I was at war with my body. I didn't know why. I was tired all the time.

My skin, eyes and hair were dry and shedding way too much. I had all these things going on. I didn't feel right. I was 27 years old and something felt off to me. I thought maybe this is tied into not having periods. I had gone to five different gynecologists who all told me to go on the pill and the pill is something that I didn't understand because it made me feel bad and I wasn't ovulating. Why would I go back on the pill? I was trying to figure myself out. I saw that you specialized in fertility and I thought that maybe from a food perspective, I could help find some energy, maybe start cycling again. Pretty much the moment I met you, my health went in a better direction forever.

Let's talk about some of the specifics, but one thing that sticks with me was I remember you coming into the office. I remember thinking you're this young, vibrant, beautiful woman that kept saying that something's not right, but you didn't have a super strong conviction about, “I'm not going to do what I'm doing right now.” You were a little bit more like, “This is what they're telling me to do and it doesn't feel right, but I don't know a different way.” I remember going, “I'm with you.” I will help you with the best path for your body and even stepping away from my opinion on that, I wasn't watching you achieve your wish list, your dream for yourself and for your body.

I remember once we had that coming together of the minds, it was like I had unleashed a tiger. You were all-in, which is always fun for me and it's exciting to see, but I remember when we were talking about being on the pill and as you were telling me how long you were having difficulty with the periods and what they were doing to try to evoke the periods, I'm horrified. I'm going, “No.” This cherished body that you're walking around with is this vehicle for creative energy, through your music and through your acting and all of that. We have to treat you like an athlete. We have to nurture you through this process and find out what the heck your body is trying to adapt to so that it can function as well as you were.

That was crazy to me. I remember letting unveil your journey and path. I remember feeling a little bit like, “No, it’s not okay.” I remember the shift in you, dropping stuff off at your house on my way out of town because I travel a lot of times and my kids running by and dropping stuff off. We've had a lot in a long journey. When I was thinking about getting together and talking, I always want to try to be in service to those other people that are maybe out there. You had such a positive outlook, but there was this underlying of you that was like, “This is wrong and I know it's wrong, but I don't know what else to do.”

As I watched you evolve into this powerful person now, advocating for other women's health and mom's health and kids' health. That's why I said, “I'm proud of you.” I'm proud of you taking your struggle, journey and how much you're sharing with other people. My biggest dream of it all is that you will help me, help all those people out there that maybe they have a small voice or a nagging voice for something that's going on within them that they feel like, “This isn't right.” There's something off and that they'll keep searching. Maybe we can provide them some answers or some guidance or some direction. I know you said you weren't having periods. You were having hair loss and stuff. Had you always had a problem with periods from when you started or did that start at some point? Share a little bit with everybody about that.

I had always had irregular periods, but I was also always athletic. That was always the reasoning behind not having regular periods ever. It's the reason I went on the pill in maybe 18 or 19-year-old, because my periods were irregular, which is annoying. You don't know when that's coming. I was dancing, cheerleading and want to be able to predict those things.

If anybody that's reading, just because you're a high-performance athlete does not mean that not having periods is okay. I know that a lot of times practitioners will tell you that, “You're so lean,” or on the other end, “You have PCOS and you're carrying extra body weight.” It's your body's voice telling you that there's something that's not being supported enough for what you're doing, not that what you're doing is causing the dysfunction. I want to lead with that for people that are reading, you should have a period.

I'm leaner now than I ever was then. A lot of this is like you too, like lifting heavy weights. I'm probably in better shape now than I was then and I cycle perfectly now.

Periods are good. They shouldn't be painful. You shouldn't have leg cramps. We want to have a beautiful, perfect period and should not accept anything less.

That's why my gynecologist at 18 or 19 years old, put me on the pill. I was on the pill for twelve years. I went off for a short-time, maybe six years in because I wanted to see what my body would do if I came off of it. I also think I had some of those side effects that were probably more like I was eating a bunch of junk food at college. That's probably what it was. When I went off the pill, I was off for six months and didn't have a period. My gynecologist put me right back on. It was probably in my mid-twenties when I started to feel I didn't have a lot of energy.

People a lot of times attribute weight gain and your ability to lose weight with hypothyroidism, but that was probably one of the more minimal things. It was maybe a five-pound issue. It wasn't like I was overweight, but I did work in the entertainment industry. I realized that other people seem to be able to have some formulaic way to lose weight that didn't work for me. Other people could go on vacation, and eat whatever they wanted and then come back and lose a lot of weight. That wouldn't happen for me. I was stuck with it.

PYP Ann | Engage With Healthcare Practitioner


It was easier for you to gain weight than it was to lose weight. I remember that being defining. You were like, “If I work my butt off, I can.”

When they found out how much I worked out, they would go, “Really?” That's not the response you want. It felt like all of this work, I was killing myself. I was doing my body a disservice and making the problem worse by under-eating and over-exercising. I didn't know that until I met you. I trusted you quickly. First and foremost, I feel like when I met you, you were a soul sister. You are this ball of positivity and lights. You walk in the room and you immediately feel good. That's who you are as a person. I feel like I connected with you quickly on a person-to-person level like, “I like this person.”

One of the things I remember is that when I came to you and I gave you a rundown. You said, “I can help you, but I can only help you so much. You have an issue with your thyroid. What you need is to see a thyroid specialist.” You could have given me a ton of other information and had me continue coming back to you, but that's not what you told me. You're like, “Come back to me or don't, but I can only do so much to help until this is fixed.” You told me where to go to help me with the problem that I needed more help with. I immediately thought like, “This is someone I can trust.” That solidified me being all in for everything.

You brushed on talking about the thyroid piece. When you say soul sister, I feel a lot of proud moments with you, but I remember you were in Hellcats. I was like, “She cannot be a kitten. She needs to be a tiger. We're going for maximum here.” A lot of times the thyroid is overlooked and it's only looked at from maybe a weight gain perspective, maybe craft heels, maybe fitting of the eyebrows. We were looking at some things, the quality of the hair that we were talking about. We did some body temperature checking. I knew that I wanted to help you create a team.

I have a clinic without walls, which means that I want to listen and learn from you, your body and then create the best team that we can put together to unleash that tiger. I remember, as we talked about the thyroid, there were some medications that were being used that were addressing how you metabolize the thyroid. When we looked at Reverse T3 and we looked at TSH, T3, T4 and uptake and getting that dialed in, I'm fortunate. Many years ago, I was kicking down doctor's doors. Now, I'm having a hard time returning all the texts all day because there's more embraced in looking at the whole body.

I'm not satisfied until your satisfied and then some, with your help. I want you to be outrageously healthy. The thyroid was an important piece. In our community, I help people prepare for doctor's appointments. I remember I called ahead when you were going to see the gentleman that I sent you to. I conveyed to him energetically, “Close your eyes when she walks through the door and expect greatness when she walks out the door, because she is going to be deceiving in the sense that your knockout in your bundle of energy.” Many times, there's people that are the same thing, individuals that struggle with their weight and there's a lot of judgment around. I had a client that called me and said, she's early on our time together and I sent her in for this physical, and they wrote, “Hamburgers no more than once a week and ice cream once a month.”

There was so much judgment around that activity that she wasn't getting for what she wanted out of her body, as opposed to she wasn't getting the support she needed. On your case, I remember calling the doctor and saying, “You're going to see this beautiful woman, but you have to realize that she's not having periods. Her care quality's poor her.” As we get a little older like myself, we go energy level. I know this particular gentleman doctor, and I'm like, “I know that you would maybe covet her level of energy, but I'm telling them she's at 30% when we get these periods going.” I want to encourage people to look at the thyroid holistically because that did make a significant difference. With your body, we needed to reset the metabolic pathways.

I'll never forget. It was a pathway that we were looking at specifically, Cytochrome P450. It's how the body takes lipids and it converts it into the master hormone, pregnant alone, and how then that master hormone distributes equally estrogens, progesterone, testosterones, glucocorticoids, mineral corticoids, and vitamin D. I remember having that a-ha moment with your body where I was like, “The distribution is off and that's why she's not mounting that spike with progesterone and she's not naturally cycling and having a period.” That same pathway cleaves the thyroid hormone as we secreted from the thyroid gland and it breaks it down so that it can fit into the receptor sites. They kept saying, “She doesn't have a disease thyroid. It's not that the output is there.” I kept going, “She's not metabolizing it efficiently.”

It's the same way when we got our first baby together, when we got the periods regular, and then we were able to make a baby. I'm sitting in my office and I literally have his ultrasound picture on my desk. You're his first love. I'm his first stalker. I love that baby and I love our other baby too. When we take a step back and I look at your health and your journey, and now you're like icing on the cake and decorating the cake. There's so much you're doing in health and wellness and in your body and helping other women, which is fabulous.

An important thing that I would love to share is how hard it was for me to realize I had to take accountability for my own health. What one doctor says, you can't necessarily take as gospel. If you feel like something else is going on, sometimes you have to do your own research and sometimes that annoys doctors and I get it. Some doctors love an educated patient and some are like, “Here we go.” There's plenty of people who I'm sure read something on Google and their doctors are rolling their eyes. In my case, I'd had several different gynecologists wanting to put me on the pill and they didn't have a good argument for in my head, “What happens when I go off the pill and I want to have babies, and then I'm not ovulating?”

“We put you on a medication that's going to make you ovulate.” I'm like, “This doesn't make any sense.” I'd heard horror stories about those drugs. I'd had a friend tell me, “I never understood suicide until I was on that drug.” I had been to this other nutritionist for a while who it being coming from a compounded pharmacy, like what I take now. It was like a desiccated porcine thyroid, that T4 and T3. I did feel a little bit better on it, but I still did not feel well. I almost felt like edgy energy.

I felt like jittery energy, like I'd had coffee and then I would crash. I did my research. I knew that wasn't quite right. I found an endocrinologist in LA who seemed to be this young doctor, who was on the cutting edge of research. I had this experience where I was running late. I was running, huffing and puffing had run all the way across the theaters, parking lot. When I got there, they took my temperature and it was 96 degrees. I said to the nurse, “Is that normal?” She's like, “Don't worry about it.”

What's breaking my heart in this space is that they came out and said, “It's okay to have a low body temperature.” I went, “No.”

My feet and hands were cold. I was always cold. They told me, “Don't worry about that. It's fine.” I asked the doctor to test my iodine levels and he said, “No one's iodine has ever low.” He refused to test it. After speaking to me, he did test my TSH, which showed up in the normal range. He said that at 27 years old and somebody in the prime of my career, his prescription for me was to sleep more and stress less. That's the point at which he took me off of the desiccated porcine thyroid medication. Ripped me like cold turkey off of it and I was in the middle of doing a workshop of a musical out of New York. New York, it's like this vibrant city. I was working these long hours and I felt horrible. I would sleep for twelve hours a night and wake up and feel like I could barely get out of bed. I wasn't hungry. In addition, it was worse than before anything and that's when I was like, “Maybe at the very least I can eat in a way that will help me have more energy.”

What are you taking for your thyroid now?

I take a compounded T3 and T4. Initially, I was on T3. When I went to the doctor that you sent me to, they drew a crazy amount of blood, but even right there in the office, they tested my iodine, which was almost nothing. They tested my reflexes, which I had no idea where slow they were. They took my body temperature. I walked out of there with 10 micrograms of T3 because the doctor said to me, “I don't know exactly what dose you need to be on, but I know that you have low thyroid.” He drew a diagram of my thyroid for me and showed me how it worked. I walked out of there and sat in my car and bawled my eyes out because I felt heard. I knew that everything was going to be fine. He, in tiny little increments, raised it until it was regulated, which it has been give or take. We put a little T4 in there when I was pregnant to support my bone density. We lowered 5 micrograms and I could feel that it was a little low. That's how specific it is. That's crazy.

That was the thing with you and we checked for the methylated fault whether you have the MTHFR. I don't know if you know how T4 turns into T3. You cleave an iodine molecule. T4 stands for four iodines. You cleave, then you release an iodine molecule into the bloodstream, and that makes it now T3. You were deficient in iodine and iodine deficiency and thyroid deficiency, TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

It is not a thyroid hormone. It is a pituitary hormone that tells the thyroid to be active. If your thyroid is producing enough, but you're not cleaving that iodine off, letting it go back and nurture the thyroid gland and now you have T3 that can now activate cellular energy, then your brain won't say, “Produce more thyroid.” You're going to have a totally normal TSH. With your body, we had to stair-step and if I'm remembering correctly, it was 5 micrograms that we started the T3.

PYP Ann | Engage With Healthcare Practitioner


I remember the lowest dose I could have possibly had, but it was something.

What we would do is we would go up 5 micrograms at a time until we got your receptor sites saturated with enough T3, then we put in some glandular based T4 and worked through that ratio. Again, to your point, then we got pregnant. We had to modify that again. Another thing that we do in our community is we create a health wish list. What Corri doesn't realize is that those health wish list that I use in my online community were created by the questionnaires that I asked my clients in the office. Corri, if I go through your chart, which I have. You were like, “I want to have normal periods.”

For me, especially with the craft and the profession that you're in and in Chinese medicine, that's creativity, that's the ability to create and to manifest. I remember looking at that and I did. I circled it because I'm like, “This can't be okay.” The adaptation that happens in our adrenal glands, in our hormones and the biofeedback loops require what we call a protocol for progress. It's a progression of evolving the body back into a state of balance.

You can, but if you're not feeling well, don't allow someone to talk you into having a TSH checked and then not rechecking it for 2 or 3 years when we were remodeling the metabolic pathways for your hormones, we were rechecking those regularly. In the glandular, I'm a big advocate for the naturally compounded thyroid and it's hard. I have clients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis where they're reactive to T4 that are on Synthroid, which is a synthetic T4. We have to beg, plead and twist arms to with the wrong doctor sometimes. I'm not above begging and pleading. I didn't go to not a big arm twister physically, but I'll send pairs for hours, I'm not above that.

To get someone with Hashimoto's on Cytomel or naturally compounded T3 and I’m going, “The science of it.” In all of this, that you've gone through and now we have lots of conversation about a lot of times, our time together is formulating how we're going to integrate another practitioner, even with the kids. When that same conversation started happening or when introduction of food conversation started happening, what to eat while you are breastfeeding. All of those things are about putting power in your body by nutrients and rebalancing the metabolism. We've been through a lot of different life events. In prepping for this, I went back and, on our website, when we do the health wish list, it comes from me asking clients questions for years. When you say, “I want to have period,” and I'm going, “You want so much more. You want all the things that happen when you don't have a period to manifest themselves within your body as well.”

You don't realize what you are missing until you have that back.

What do you think the biggest myth or line of bull crap or whatever you want to call it, that you believed about health before you pivoted in your health journey? What do you think the biggest thing, whether it's a gremlin in your head that’s like, “I exercise so much or the doctor's always right,” what do you think the biggest myth that was dispelled and lifted a weight for you?

The biggest thing for me, when I met you was feeding my body, feeding myself. How ridiculous is that? You shouldn't be starving all the time. You don't need to not eat. You need to eat. I was so terrified to eat. One of the first things you did was you put me on a ten-day optimal cleanse. I remember it being nourishing because my body was totally weirded out by carbs because I taking them out of my diet for so long. I can remember eating tomato soup and broccoli. It's leading up to a role that I had to dress a certain way. There was no protein in there.

I remember when you and I have the baby, I wanted you to have sprouted bagels and you were like, “I promise you we're going to be okay.” You were like, “There’s no way I can eat this much.” People say, “She had me at hello.” I knew I had to do it.

The optimal cleanse, I didn't lose weight, but I stayed the same on this diet that was very nourishing. I loved the shakes and the food. I believe that you work your way up. All shakes in the middle, but there's like food on either side. It's like a little pyramid. I remember feeling nourished and feeling like, “This is so much food.” I didn't gain weight and that was a big deal for me. At that time, with my low thyroid, I could gain weight by looking at a bagel.

A lot of people do the cleanse to lose weight and to ignite their metabolism. I'm excited, thrilled and clean their palette and all of this, but I developed that formula and that program when one of my best girlfriends was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was Herceptin receptor positive, FISH test positive. She had tried Arimidex and tamoxifen, which are estrogen inhibitors, blockers, and they could not get her body to detox efficiently her estrogens. I remember the biochem mystery brain of mine and the food scientist, I put together this protocol in this program, these nutrients and ratioing everything. It's funny because we have like all these baggies and he's pulling stuff together and that's how I formulated that.

It's become popular to stimulate the metabolism and it's become super popular to kickstart people's bodies. To your point, it's about eating a lot of food, having a lot of nutrients. It's about working on the body's ability to confer fat to fuel, which is hormones. A lot of people don't recognize and realize that we manufacturer all of our sex hormones from fat. That's the building blocks for our sex hormones. If we're not metabolizing that, whether it's the thyroid, whether it's estrogens and progesterone, we're not able to have that imbalance of that homeostasis. The other thing I remember, that working on not fasting before going fast, meaning I was working a lot on having you eat for the level of exercise that you were doing. I remember backing you off exercise a little bit for a moment.

It’s hard for me to do that, but I could never have the results in terms of body composition and the shape of my muscles with the whole of the cardio I was doing like, “Stop the cardio.” If I could like to get back all the hours I spent on the elliptical, which was a bad advice from a trainer back in Atlanta who told me I had muscles under there, but I needed to do 60 minutes of cardio a day or more. If I was going to miss a day, I had to bank them. It was stressful to me if I missed that time that I would be on vacation. If I hadn't banked those minutes, I was so intent on getting that time and I was lucky that I didn't ever suffer from an eating disorder on a clinical level, but I had some healthy behaviors mentally and physically.

On the other side of this mountain, you are being an incredible advocate for your kids and for your family. I've watched like both of the boys consuming the freshest, beautiful, incredible foods and smoothies. You make this nutritionist mama proud, as you're establishing that in their bodies. I remember when we talked about first foods and what to incorporate. Sometimes when people go through stress or trauma, when they come out the other side, they would like to make it all go away. I recommend you for pulling it all forward into your wealth of knowledge and experience and sharing it on your podcast. I did have a very strong stent in the fertility world. I worked for AFRM and pharmacy.

I worked with the top fertility doctors in Beverly Hills. One of the things that I wished that many of those moms and somebody, those women's that were going through this would to have had a platform like you guys are doing. It's awesome and it's cool. You have me. If you wanted to ask me anything either on behalf of yourself, the kids' health or something that you think someone out there would love to hear, what do you want to ask me?

I'll ask you something that's pretty personal to my family. This might be something that can be pretty relatable to a lot of people because with everything that's been going on in the world in 2020 with this pandemic, and then the trickledown effect of the pressure that people are under the isolation, it probably affects people's anxiety levels. My husband suffers from anxiety. I would love to know how to help him and then help other people. He suffers from it quietly. He internalizes it. He's not one of those people who outwardly gets edgy and snappy, that's like more me.

It's all going on inside. On the outside, he's this incredibly calm. He's the loveliest human, the kindest human. I love him. I'm obsessed with my husband. I'm going to say it. I feel like because he married me, I'm allowed to also be his stalker. The working from home is like horrible for him because I won't leave him alone, which I'm sure raises his anxiety more. He has always had very big high-pressure jobs and also killed it at those jobs. He also has been diagnosed with clinically mild to moderate OCD. I believe he went to Vanderbilt. They said when he was younger, it was probably moderate. He's used some of those tendencies and leaned into them in a way that make him very productive, which I commend him for. The anxiety can spike up at times and I would love to know how I can help him take the edge off. I feel a lot of people are probably going through that.

Let's draw a big picture and then we'll distill it down a little bit. A lot of times with anxiety, especially when we have a coupled picture or a piece of OCD stuff, from a nutritional perspective, we try to encourage vasodilation as much. What I mean by that is an increase in blood flow. There are couple of reasons why. When people feel anxiety and I don't know if you've ever experienced this, sometimes people talk about a tightening of the chest, a tightening of the throat, a feeling of constriction. There are certain hormones that are consecrated that create constriction. On a mental, emotional aspect of it, with the diagnosis with OCD specifically, there is a constriction of some behavioral pattern.

PYP Ann | Engage With Healthcare Practitioner


You can see everything from hyper organization. You can see hyper cleanliness. There are a lot of ways that those will manifest. One thing that we forget sometimes is that those all have a hormone component, all of our emotions do and hormones travel through the bloodstream and hormones are detoxified through the bloodstream, unlike other tissues in the body. Their mode of transportation is through the blood. With individuals that are stressed, we do heated foods, not iced water.

He loves cold beverages. Everybody else loves their like tea and he's all about the cold drinks. That could be not helping.

It's like a kid that has food allergies that craves the food that they're allergic to. If it is about that has anxiety that has some constriction, even swimming in a pool as a child. A lot of times people will say, “He loved the snow. He liked ice drinks. He always ordered a snow cone.”

He wants to keep the air on 64 all the time.

That's because when you do something that's a catalyst for your anxiety physiologically, your body creates a natural endorphin and epinephrin to respond to that. You get a little hit from it. I'd like him to not have iced water, but I don't want to stifle his joy and pleasure if that's where he's getting it from right now. What we want to do is try to have moments or times where he can intentionally secrete the hormones of vasodilation. It's going to sound a little counterintuitive, but even from a supplement perspective, I know you've taken the Metabolism Energy before, it has a lot of the nitric oxide, which promotes vasodilation. He could do that as a cold beverage because it would counterbalance the restriction in the ice. If he's not into the hot teas, anything that has a spicy aspect to it. We need a lot of hot spicy foods for him. I always envisioned people as a little kid whenever they're in my office. I say, “Their constitution was their constitution long before X, Y and Z manifested,” and what would nurture their constitution most efficiently.

I think of hot baths, warm socks, warm compresses. As an adult, oftentimes we survive off of those surges as epinephrin hits. It's almost like getting an EpiPen when those hits that we get that push us past our imbalance. We'll call the anxiety manifesting as a metabolic imbalance. The cold will give them a hit to push through it. What I'd like to do is give him more reserve. If you can get him soups, if you can puree things, pureed soups, spicy teas, even if he does an iced tea, if he can do a chai tea iced or something that evokes that vasodilation. Skin brushing, massage, maybe those would be more enticing than something.

The other thing is minerals are important with both anxiety and OCD. A lot of people are doing bone broths and stuff like that. That's a traditional broth in Native American. In many cultures, they've used bone broths for centuries. Things that are very strong in minerals would be another one that's important. I'm not sure but from a protein perspective, if you can talk him into it, he'd metabolize the game meats a little bit better, the buffalo, the elk, the venison, if he's into that at all. Turkey over chicken, those pieces of things that you'll notice a little bit of subtle support for. With OCD and anxiety, the receptor sites and the neuro-transmitters have nice probiotic is important. We see this in kids. We see it so effective. We give them a little bit of hot soup, a little bit of hot tea, a little bit of probiotics and their body has more reserve to deal with it when it comes up.

He's doing everything wrong.

That's awesome because if he were doing everything “right” and was still feeling like not as in control of it as he would like to be, we'd have to search or maybe dig a little bit deeper. I know you have two boys, male children and men in general with any anxiety and OCD, you want to be aware of the way the body cleaves testosterone and we see it even before puberty in male children. Especially, when we see OCD manifesting and little kids, a lot of times we'll see a lot of candida or fungus.

We'll have little kids that come into the clinic. They'll have had maybe long stance of antibiotics, maybe when they were little or something, and their flora is off. A good 90 days on a strong and potent probiotic, you'll see a lot of shifts in there. The other piece with the hormone’s receptor site, if he went in and had his testosterone levels checked, it might be 400 to 800, but you've got to look at sex binding hormone, globulin and metabolized testosterone to make sure that the receptor sites are active. If not, when we have people that are having anxiety, especially coupled again with OCD tendencies, sometimes we'll use DIM to help wash the receptor sites.

I was on that for a bit.

I talked about how you cleaved the hormones? If you imagine a soccer field and there's a net and there's a goalie standing in front of the net, DIM gets rid of the goalie, it lets the hormone travel into the net and be received more successfully.

That's great to know about the kids because I try to keep an eye particularly on Radley during this time. This is the only sign I've ever seen of anything that he wasn't listening at one point and then he said to me, “I did it because sometimes I have to do things a certain number of times.” I did that when I was a kid too, my mom swears that she threw discipline techniques, stopped me. I need to split the lights, which a certain number of times. These poor kids.

It's cool that you're in tune with that with your family. I heard of this cool analogy in relationship. It talked about a lot of times, in a baseball field, women are like the catcher. They see the entire field. I'm going to choose not women to be head of household in the sense of the person that's embodying the foundation of the house, the foundation of the kids or something, and that the other partner can be the pitcher. They see a badass having tons of success and he's looking down and it's cool that right now at this point in your relationship, seeing the entire field and looking at the family holistically, as opposed to individual, because that's why women cycled together when they live in the same houses together, we have engaged with our hormones without even touching each other all the time.

I try to approach everything. Some of the prescriptions you've given me, I have shared so much information with people. I credit you so much. My life was changed from the moment I walked in the door to meet you. If someone hears me mentioned a cyber thing, all of a sudden, I'm like in an hour conversation. One of the saddest things is when somebody asks me a ton of questions and then doesn't take their health into their own hands and then they're like, “I ended up trying blah, blah, blah.” That happens and then it's like, “I'm still not feeling well.” I'm like, “Remember that other thing I told you that you should do?”

It's a trip for sure. It's crazy because we've talked about, I was single for a period of time in my life. I remember going to dinner and I've always been a body freak. I want to know why and what your bowel movements are like.

I remember when I met you, “I have many pictures of people's poop on my phone.”

I probably tried to put you at ease. I'm like, “Tell me anything. Show me anything. You see how many?” I'm totally obsessed. I remember we went to dinner and I didn't know, but apparently the people that we were with were trying to set me up with somebody and we're walking out and he's like, “You to start talking about periods and bowel movements?” I was like, “Your wife.” He's like, “I know more about my wife's anatomy and physiology that I ever wanted to know. We'd been married many years. I had three kids.” I was oblivious. I had no idea but I'm always fascinated. My brain talking about time that’s fascinating. I encourage when someone comes to you in your family or the kids, come to you and they're having a health problem or a health struggle, I always say, “That's fascinating. I wonder what your body's trying to tell us.” With Ty's and anxiety, it's like, “This is fascinating. I wonder what his body's trying to tell us.” He needs a little spicy is what it’s saying. That's my prescription.

He does like spicy stuff. If it little literally will burn his tongue off, great.

Do kids have a favorite fast metabolism recipe or do the kids have something favorite that they love for you to make them?

I am not a person who loves to cook. I'm not like I am not a good cook. One of the things you helped me with was doing things while I'm traveling and things, when I'm working like crazy, because I have many friends who make your recipes constantly. Your recipes are amazing. One of my favorite recipes still is from one of the burn recipes and that's the book that I associated with is the sweet potato, ground Turkey, carrots and it's like a pot pie, but it's the sweet potatoes on top. The Shepherd's pie is out of this world.

That's comfort food too. It's funny that you say that because that is in one of the hormone remedies recipes. It's a prescription for hormone balance. I love that you crave that because it nurtures you. Any other questions for me? You don't have to have one.

Here's a personal one because I love getting personal. I feel like the more we can talk about stuff, people don't talk about. Since having my babies, I have cycled like clockwork. In the way that my periods were always irregular before having babies, after I had my babies, the little guy now is going to be two in August 2020 and I nursed him for about sixteen months and then he was done with me. I was a little hurt by it. I was like, “No. You're my last baby. I was going to nurse you until you were sixteen.” I immediately started having periods again, like clockwork, but the weird thing is now, I'm having more painful ovulation and it's like, almost feels more PMS-y at ovulation than it does when I start my period. I am not sure if that could be like an ovarian cyst or like something that's flaring up during that time. I'm having more like crampiness, bloatiness, it feels like period cramps but it's ovulation.

There are a couple of great things to check, which is your LH and your FSH, Follicle Stimulating Hormone. This is a pituitary hormone and LH is Luteinizing Hormone, which is what stimulates the egg to be released. As we're rechecking and we keep you dialed in and steps, those are good things to check and make sure that those levels are staying healthy and normal sometimes. Especially, when individuals are having a lot of ovulation pain, we look at the pituitary pushing hard on the ovary to stimulate the follicle and it causes inflammation in the tissue. That inflammation can create a discomfort, a warming and for sure, a great ultrasound to see for ovarian cyst is never a bad idea.

It's not invasive to the point. It's not a medicine. It's not anything like that. It's a simple diagnostic. It's easy to check. That's not a bad one, but if we have that even if it's ovarian yeast, we want to understand why. Sometimes post-nursing, our bodies’ candida or yeast can flourish in the body. Even if you aren't prone to a vaginal yeast infection, you want to look for things like coating of the tongue, rashing on the back of the arms, any dry or flaky skin or any of those things happening?


Usually, if it's a yeast or candida response, those show themselves. I'm not saying totally table that, but I'm saying that I would go through, maybe see what usually happens and look at that. The other is we have some area of inflammation in the body. You can have a sore joint or a sore muscle where you're working out hard or heavy and you're having a hard time replenishing afterwards. As long as we have the yeast idea off the table, what we'll usually do is increase the fruits.

Even a phase one intensive coming into oscillation. There's the pain and inflammation protocol too, but when I'm wanting to elevate the glycemic value, pre-ovulation, it usually takes four cycles to get it totally resolved. We usually ovulate left right, left right. We don't populate on the same week typically unless there's some aspect is dysfunction. We ovulate on one side than the other side and one side than the other side.

It’s usually going through two cycles of each ovary. That's why it takes time. It can help create and reduce that inflammation there. My suggestion would be to look at the phase one intensive and look at doing that in 5 to 7 days prior to oscillation and see if that doesn't reset that. It's supportive for what they call the triple warmers. That's the pituitary, the thyroid and the ovaries. We have that hormone feedback loop that happens in that triple warmer, that style of eating as we surge to ovulate can help it not feel dysfunctional.

You've given me fruit prescriptions for other things too. I love the fruit prescription.

Look at the phase one super intensive, you can download the whole program on the website and it'll have all the food lists and all of that. I would play a little bit with that. What I would do during that time is look at in The Burn in the book, go to the section I-Burn section, play with that T and look at the success boosters in the I-Burn. Layer that together and then you need to let me know. An ultrasound for an ovarian cyst is pretty darn noninvasive. I know this is not the time to go to the doctors, but a pretty easy thing to schedule and get in.

It's pretty easy for them to see that If for any reason, there were ovarian cysts, I would immediately suggest from a food perspective that you did the ten-day fast metabolism cleanse, and you have not had in a long time. You not needed to do one, but that can help re-establish in your body, why we would produce this help nurture those pathways so that you didn't do that. I'm leaning a little more because you're came off nursing to the middle option. It doesn't sound candy thing to do, but usually, it's one of those three.

I'm only about three cycles in after 2.5 years of no periods. I also have been trying to give myself a minute to kickstart.

You're not a pussy cat. You're a tiger. I want your ovulation swinging from the chandelier and periods where it all something looks creativity. I love what you said because it's honest. Nursing is such a change and adjustment and an adaptation to the body. I want you to nurse, to stop nursing, to get pregnant and to not have babies or have babies and feel out way healthy through all of it.

You have helped me have an outrageously healthy life in general. I'm very appreciative of that.

PYP Ann | Engage With Healthcare Practitioner


Thank you for coming on. I appreciate it. I loved being able to talk to this. I know that it's going to inspire and help other people. I'm honored to have gotten to walk on this journey with you. I am proud of all the people whose lives you touch through your art, craft, music, podcast and it’s a privilege to know you.

I feel the same way. I absolutely adore you.

We'll talk to you soon.


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What a cool call we had with Corri English. She's been a client of mine for a longtime. Before doing this call with her, I pulled up her chart and it was humbling that I got to see all the different things that we've been through together on our health journey. As she talked about her family and her husband, I'm hoping that you found some common ground and some takeaways that can encourage you to take nothing but excellence when it comes to your health to expect nothing but being outrageously healthy. There's always a way to put power on your plate. I want you to have the solutions that you deserve and the answers that I know you need to go forward on your own personal health journey. Make sure that you become a member of my website.

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About Corrie English

PYP Ann | Engage With Healthcare Practitioner

Corri English got an early start in her entertainment career. By the age of 5, she was working professionally in theater, commercials, and voice-over, and hasn’t stopped since. Highlights of her film career include a supporting role in Runaway Jury, alongside Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, and John Cusack, and starring roles in numerous independent films such as House of Fears, Broken Windows, Killer Pad, Unrest, and Devil May Call, as well as Hallmark Channel’s movie-of-the-week Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith, alongside Cybill Shepard. Her television work includes guest-starring and recurring roles on shows such as CSI: Miami, House, and Luke Cage, to name a few, as well as a series regular roles on the WB's The Bedford Diaries, and 3-camera sit-com Holliston, which recently received a third season pick-up. Corri has also worked extensively in the voice-over world – from television and radio commercials, to multi-platform campaigns and radio imaging, to animation and video games. 

In addition to her acting career, Corri is a singer and song-writer. She fronted modern country band Brokedown Cadillac, which CMT described as "just right for any country fan who likes the feisty side of Miranda Lambert and the blazing-guitars side of Keith Urban.” The band had dozens of their songs placed in television & film, including Desperate Housewives, Hellcats and The Mentalist, and was featured in the film and on the soundtrack of Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain. The band are also huge supporters of the military, and have done several tours overseas to Kuwait & Iraq to perform for US troops. They performed for a TV audience of millions on the MDA Labor Day Telethon, alongside Celine Dion, Lady Antebellum, and Martina McBride.

In 2019, Corri partnered with DAOU Vineyards for her upcoming solo EP, with the first single release and video coming in April 2020.  

Corri has also penned many songs for other artists, including Sugarland’s "Fly Away" on their album Twice the Speed of Life, and singles including The Belle's "Beautiful Girl" (currently touring with Jojo Siwa), Campbell Station's "WAIGD," Just Saint's "Mary Jane," and Tigirlily's "Jealous." 

While Corri loves to be behind a mic, in front of a camera, or holding a guitar, her favorite thing is hanging with her husband, Ty Bentli, host of the internationally syndicated country morning show The Ty Bentli Show, and their sons, Radley and Sebastian, at their home in Nashville. You can often find them making up songs (they come by it honest!), having a dance party in the kitchen, or hiding out in a blanket fort. 

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