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Haylie Talks About How to Combat Medications That May Cause Weight Gain.

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Haylie Talks About How to Combat Medications That May Cause Weight Gain.

What to eat for medications that may cause weight gain, weight gain in Phase 1, how to find organic meat and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. I pre-ordered The Burn and was so excited to try The Weekend Warrior 2-day burn. Based on other posts I’ve read, my results are unusual; not only was I hungry but gained 3 lbs. Could this be the wrong Burn for me?
  1. After always gaining in P1, I started substituting Weekend Warrior for P1. I’m losing 2-3 lbs in WW. I have been on FMD since Aug. 2013. At first I lost 17 lbs, then started gradually gaining it back despite sticking to the phases. Any idea what this indicates?
  1. Is there a maximum amount of time one can spend doing The Burn plans before needing to transition to FMD, or can you just stay on indefinitely until there’s no additional weight loss?
  1. I am on some meds that cause weight gain and one of them specifically shuts down all hormone receptors. Since I have been on these meds, I have gained 20 lbs.
  1. It’s tough for me to find organic meat, but BJs carries poultry that’s labeled “All natural”. The brand is “Harvestland”. Is it “close enough” to organic?
  1. I seem to be having difficulty with increased acid. I do not drink coffee, eat tomatoes or chocolate, and drink lots of water. Any suggestions?
  1. What is almond milk considered – one of your food lists show it as a protein and another food list shows it as a condiment?