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Haylie Talks About Slow Weight Loss.

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Haylie Talks About Slow Weight Loss.

Haylie answers questions about slow weight loss, what to change if you think FMD isn't working for you and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. If you notice you lose weight on P3, would it be okay to add fat to the other days if doing more rounds? Or would you recommend still being strict?
  2. Can you talk about taking supplements during the three phases of the FMD plan? Specifically I’d like to know if it’s okay to take fish oil.
  3. I have done the FMD for 28 day but only lost a total of 3 lbs–I have about 20 to loose. Why is this not working for me?
  4. I am vegan and I would like to know what is your opinion on veganism?
  5. Is there any way that we can get in personal contact with you, (email, phone) even if it has a cost?
  6. How do you recommend incorporating the Burn into the FMD? Are these “burn plans” for those who have already done the FMD?
  7. I am on progesterone as a hormone replacement… can I still do the H Burn? If I do the H burn can I possibly remove the need for progesterone.
  8. I did the FMD for 4 weeks and LOOKED like I lost 20 pounds, but I only lost 7! Why?
  9. Are the oats in the smoothie raw or cooked?