Haylie Talks About How to Avoid Saggy Skin With Rapid Weight Loss.

Haylie addresses where to start with her many program options, how to avoid saggy skin with rapid weight loss and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. How do you avoid saggy skin with this rapid weight loss?
  2. What is the best way to get answers regarding specific recipes posted on the site (member section and blog) – i.e., clarifications about amounts, portions, phases
  3. With so many options, 28 day, cleanse, burn how do you know where to start?
  4. I’ve read the articles and watched the videos about maintaining the FMD lifestyle once you’ve reached your goal. In the video you said to eat like on Phase 3. Can you explain?
  5. Can you share any information about future seminars of training Health Coaches the FMD program? Possible date?
  6. I am about to start week 4 of FDM, I have not cheated at all and stick to the list and recipes as much as possible, yet I have only lost 6 lbs.
  7. Many FMD recipes call for xylitol, birch or something similar. Unfortunately, I don’t care for the taste of xylitol, birch or stevita. Any alternatives?
  8. Can you drink to much water? Can you ‘overwork’ the system? Also, I love jicama. I know it’s listed as unlimited, I eat a lot of it. Is it okay to eat this everyday?Do you have any plans to record “cooking” videos? I was inspired by your segment on Access Hollywood, where you showed how to make coconut curry chicken.
  9. My 10 yr old boy needs gut healing, he can benefit from D-burn but he is already thin, how can I do this without him loosing weight?
  10. In 10 weeks I have completed 32 days on FMD, 1 round of EACH burn and have only lost 13 pounds. I lose during phase 2 and during the H-burn but gain during Phase 3.