Haylie Talks About How To Decrease Hot Flashes.

How to decrease hot flashes, what kind of workouts you should do in maintenance, what to snack on before/after your workouts and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. Many people are wondering if it is possible to consume ancient grains on the FMD, maybe after the first full round.
  2. I am 53 years old and very sporty. I run something like 250 km a week on my bike and I am vegetarian. P2 is really heavy for me and makes me feel weak. How can I plan my FMD week to get and keep in balance and what kinda snack should I use when I workout?
  3. Do you plan to translate your very useful app into Italian any time soon?
  4. What kind of work out is the best on maintenance, once we are on balance?
  5. I am 39 and have done a few 28 FMD rounds. After 3-28 rounds my period started being irregular. In some months it totally disappears. Then I practice Phase 4 for a week (eating FMD food, using healthy fats daily) and my period arrives. I have lost around 30 pounds and have another 30 to lose. Do you think my period is irregular because of weight loss or the lack of healthy fats on p1 and p2? Thank you!
  6. Some aged balsamic vinegars contain 4 or 5 g. of “sugars” per Tbs., even though their only ingredient is “grape must.” Is this OK to use in phase 2 of the FMD?
  7. I started the FMD 1 week ago and am loving it, but I am having a hard time finding nitrate-free meat because I live on a military base in Japan. If I purchase the meat available to me that has nitrates how will this affect my progress?
  8. I suffer from diverticula. Would one of the Burns help me somehow?
  9. When is there going to be an FMD Coach seminar?
  10. Can you talk about decreasing hot flashes? They have reduced in quantity since doing the 10-Day Cleanse and going immediately onto FMD. Still having issues with night sweats.
  11.  I am an insulin-dependent diabetic what do I eat on phase 2 when my blood sugar gets low?