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Haylie Talks About How to Maintain Weight Loss.

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Haylie Talks About How to Maintain Weight Loss.

Haylie talks about how to maintain weight loss by talking about whether intervention is needed, how to get out of a weight loss slump, how to continue to lose with older age and more!


  1. I’ve read that sometimes people can have a slight gain throughout the week when on Phase 3, I maintain on phase 3, but gain on phase 1, only losing on phase 2. Will this improve overtime on FMD or is intervention required? I am starting my 5th consecutive week and have 50 pounds to lose.


  1. I would like to know what you could do for the days you just feel tired and your brain feels slow (brain fart days, we all have them) – what could you do or eat in each phase to help with the slump?
  2. My father is now in his 70’s and he wants to know when your body is older, does it still react to the diet in the same ways? Can he still benefit and loose weight on the diet?
  3. I noticed that I lose weight but I’m not sure if it’s water weight or shedding fat?
  4. I’m gaining weight specifically in my thighs and in my lower section. Can I lose weight in certain areas?


  1. For someone with more than 40 pounds to lose, what is the minimum amount per week you would expect someone to lose after the first 28 day cycle. How do you define a plateau?
  2. I’m getting tired of the water. Is there something else I can add?
  3. I know sleep is important, but I have a job that sometimes is 8 hours per day and sometimes 16 hours per day! My sleep is erratic and sometimes my stress level too! Will Fast Metabolism Diet still work? What progress can I expect?
  4. I had my gallbladder removed as a teenager and my thyroid removed three years ago due to cancer. Will the FMD work for me? Do I need to do anything special?
  5. What are your thoughts on green tea?


  1. As a gastric bypass patient, I’m having trouble staying on the program during phase 1. I feel hungry and weak without my protein first thing in the morning. Any suggestions?
  2. I work nights and flip back and forth from a night schedule to a day schedule. When I do that I am often awake for 24 hours or more at a time. How do I change my eating schedule say from phase 2 to phase 3 during this time.
  3. I hate to exercise. How important is it really?