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Haylie Talks About Additional Protein Options for Phase 2.

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Haylie Talks About Additional Protein Options for Phase 2.

Additional protein options for Phase 2, food list variations in the FMD book and the cookbook, what to eat while going through menopause and more! 


  • Last year I lost 17 kgs in 5 rounds. In September, I will start a new round. I am vegetarian and I am going through menopause. I would like some advice to fight the annoying hot flashes and face this new moment of my life.
  • Is it OK to walk for exercise on any phase?
  • The food lists are different in the FMD Book and in the Cookbook. Which should we go by?
  • Is there any other protein options for phase 2 (besides edamame/tofu/tempeh) if I’m vegan and allergic to soy?
  • What about sauerkraut? Is it “legal” on any of the phases?
  • The Dr. is concered with my mother in law’s cholestrol. Which diet should she do? FMD or one of the Burn Programs?
  • What is the difference between Stevia and Truvia?