Haylie Talks About How to Combat Stress Eating.

Haylie answers questions such as how to address sagging skin after weight loss, how to combat stress eating, how to repair your metabolism after Thyroid medications and more!

Questions Answered:

  1. I have lost 90 lbs and have 40 more to go. But the skin on my arms, abdomen, hips, and thighs is loose and saggy. Will it get better as I lose the remaining weight or is there foods or supplements that will help. I am in my 50’s.
  2. If we are allowed to eat as many Phase appropriate vegetables as we want, do we have to limit the eating to mealtimes and snack times or can we eat them whenever we want?
  3. I had success with the H-burn, but as soon as I went back to “Phase 4” eating, I gained back all the weight. What is my body telling me? I’m 27, female, and have had chronic nerve pain/RSD and associated stress for 9 yrs.
  4. Have you seen clients with menopausal insomnia/unregulated sleep cycles who have become weight loss resistant healing their sleep cycle as a result of healing their metabolism?
  5. Phase specific veggie lists vary between the FMD book, app and the downloadable PDF’s in the member's section. Which is best to follow?
  6. I struggle with emotional and stress eating. When I am stressed I automatically want chocolate! Any tips for how to cure emotional/stress eating or ways to cope when the feelings hit? I have had great success on FMD but gained the weight back since I did not have the stress eating under control.
  7. Is it possible to repair the metabolism to point of getting off of thyroid medication and for those on other medications along with losing the weight with the FMD?