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Haylie Talks About What to Eat For Acne and Psoriasis.

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Haylie Talks About What to Eat For Acne and Psoriasis.

Haylie talks about what to eat to address acne and Psoriasis, menopausal insomnia, her views on the hype about 'periodically fasting' and more!

Questions Answered

  1. Let’s talk about acne. Especially in teens. My two eat according to FMD, more like maintenance. As hormones come into full swing we notice that their acne is getting worse. Would they benefit from eating according to phase? Adding certain foods or eliminating any? Or adding supplements? They take your Metabolism Multi. I know you have discussed in the past DIM for acne? Can teens take this too? Boys, Men?
  2. Is there a map that we should generally follow for maintenance?
  3. How would you recommend following the plan for a diabetic mom, that is nursing?
  4. In the last spreecast, you talked about menopausal insomnia. What about non-menopausal insomnia? Would treatment be the same? I’m 28 and can fall asleep, but can’t stay asleep more than 3-4 hours most nights.
  5. Another topic that has been coming up a lot is Psoriasis? Any recommendations?
  6. I’ve heard a lot in the news recently about both periodic fasting and working out in the morning before eating being GOOD for weight loss. I know (and trust!) your opinion on these, but just wondering your thoughts on the proposed science behind these study results. Why do these methods seem to work for some people?