Haylie Gives Recommendations on How to Combat Candida.

Haylie talks about how to combat Candida, how to stay focused and motivated, if the FMD will help with quitting smoking and more!

Questions Answered

  1. I have a question from someone with severe candida. they did fmd in the past and want to do fmd instead of the candida diet. they want to know haylie’s recommendations for fmd with candida. i found your post suggestions for how to do grains but couldn’t find one for how to do the fruits. thanks for your help!
  2. I was successful in the first round of the FMD, losing 18 pounds. Then a really stressful situation happened in my family and I cannot seem to stay focused and motivated to follow the plan correctly now so I can continue getting healthier. Do you have a specific set of supplements that can help my overwhelming cravings for sugar and carbs? I am really struggling even though I wake up each morning so determined.
  3. What does it mean if triglyceride levels are really LOW? My level is 28 (also low vit D, but other blood parameters normal), and my scale is stuck and I don’t know what it means.
  4. Will your diet help me to stop smoking without increase my weight?
  5. I am taking predisone for a medical condition. I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks, but since than i haven t been able to lose another pound. I restarted my second round. And am in phase two. Any suggestions to keep losing. I want to lose 20 more pounds.
  6. I am not very fond of the snacks suggested in the book for Phase 2, so I tend to skip them… Can I have fruit instead?