A Father Of The Bride Gets Back Into His Old Tux

Steve's Before and After

When one of Steve’s daughters asked him to wear his custom tux to her wedding, he couldn’t say no — but the 57-year-old couldn’t fit into the tux’s 34-inch waist, either. Thanks to a chance sighting of The Fast Metabolism Diet on a bookshelf, Steve is now more than ready to suit up for his daughter’s wedding.


Q: What led you to try the Fast Metabolism Diet?

Steve: The story has some twists. My second oldest daughter is getting married this summer, and she mentioned that she wanted me to wear my custom tux. Yikes! I bought that back in 1993, and I had a 34-inch waist then. Didn’t think I would fit into the tux (and didn’t want to think what it would look like if I did). Well, I was at a bookstore the next day and noticed the Fast Metabolism Diet book on the Best Sellers list shelf. I read a few chapters in the bookstore and the concepts really hit home. I had been thinking about going to a weight loss company here in town, but I was hesitant because the claims and “supplements” didn’t seem very healthy. I also had been motivated to lose weight because I had noticed my blood pressure creeping up over the last eight years, from 110/70 to 140/90.

Q: How was this diet different than others you’ve tried in the past?

Steve: I’ve never really dieted before as I have been very active my whole life and until the last several years never needed to. While I was hesitant about how much I would lose (come on, 20 pounds in 28 days…I would be happy with half that much), I jumped in with my daughters.

Q: How did you feel while on the diet? Did you notice changes other than weight loss?

Steve: Within a few days, I noticed immediate changes. We had been running three miles a day for three months previous to starting the diet with no weight change, and I dropped weight within the first few days. I had to cut back on my workouts (since I was running several days per week), but everything went surprisingly well. In fact, I lost nearly 8 pounds the very first week.

But the best surprise of all was when I went in for my quarterly blood donation. My blood pressure had dropped from 140/90 to 110/80. And that was after only three weeks on the plan. I’m really looking forward to having my yearly checkup to see where my cholesterol is as well.

I guess the biggest positive about the plan is that I am looking forward to being off the plan and keeping the weight off through the change in lifestyle I’ve adopted. Drinking water, multiple snacks and monitoring my food has really made me aware of the things I’m putting into my body. In addition, my wife tells me that my nightly snoring has disappeared.

Q: What were your favorite foods/phase? What was the most challenging aspect and how did you overcome it?

Steve: I have to say that Phase 3 is my favorite, and I found that I love avocados and hummus. Who knew! Thanks, Haylie, for something that more than matches the hype. This delivers the results if you’re committed to the plan.

I do have a confession though. I cheated on some of the exercise. I love tennis and played every weekend (my Phase 3 days). My justification was that tennis is my “calming” activity. Don’t tell Haylie.

Q: How much have you lost?

Steve: My first 28 days I was down 21 pounds.  I’ve continued on the plan for the next round as well, and I’m currently down 29 pounds (the picture was at 25). My goal weight was originally 200 (which I hit after the first 28 days about a month ago). Then it was 190 (weighed today and was at 191 down another pound!). My healthy weight goals have changed slightly, as I’m going to be at a 32” waist and have my body fat percentage between 10 and 12.