Fast Metabolism Diet App now available!

A companion to the Fast Metabolism Diet book, the new app, available for iPhone and iPad, has all the planning tools you need to start and succeed on the Fast Metabolism Diet!

Questions about which foods are on which phases? The app gives you all the food lists at your fingertips. It’s super handy in restaurants when you need to know if you should get the asparagus or the tomato salad with your steak. And it’s great while shopping too, when you need to know if you should get peaches or papaya for Phase 1 (either for Phase 1, but just peaches for Phase 3), or if you’re wondering which seafoods are on Phase 2.

But the app goes way beyond food lists. You’ll be able to plan your whole day, from wakeup to bedtime. Schedule your meals and snacks, choose the foods you want to each for each, add extra snacks if needed, and keep track of any extra stuff you ate (keep it honest!). You can add your exercise and activities to your day,Food List and check everything off once you’ve done it. And once you’ve planned your meals, add all the foods to your grocery list so you know exactly what to shop for.

The Fast Metabolism Diet App includes daily tips from Haylie, along with meal reminders and a water tracker (drink your body weight, in ounces, each day).

My Day

Your home screen, called your My Day screen, shows you at a glance which meal, snack or activity is next so you won’t skip a meal. The easy-to-use app features beautiful photography, color-coded phases and a visual status bar. Plus you can choose to export all your data for future reference.

For a limited time, the $3.99 app is available for just $1.99 from the iTunes App Store. Check it out!