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Fast Metabolism Diet resource guide

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Fast Metabolism Diet resource guide

If you’re just starting the Fast Metabolism Diet, you probably have lots of practical questions. We have answers! Here you can find discussions on the most common topics.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section, with dozens of answers.

Here are links to the most helpful longer articles, explaining various aspects of the plan.

Doing the Fast Metabolism Diet

I’m confused about portions.

I don’t understand what fat/protein means on Phase 3.

Do I really have to give up coffee?

How long will it take to repair my metabolism?

There’s so much food to buy!

FMD product guides

We get lots of questions about which brands of products work for the Fast Metabolism Diet:

Common health conditions

I don’t have a gallbladder: Will this diet work for me?

Can I do the diet while nursing?

I’m diabetic. Do I need to do anything differently?

I’m feeling constipated on the diet. What should I do?