Inflammation and a Healthy Immune Response

You may have heard in the news that the use of Ibuprofen with the current virus has been called into question following a tweet by the French Health Minister. That concern came from recent studies indicating that Ibuprofen may disrupt, or dull, some of the mechanisms that allow our bodies to have a quick immune response to inflammation.

It’s critical to have a swift and appropriate immune response when we’re exposed to something that can cause harm to our body. This is our first line of immune defense, and effectively slams the door shut on something pathogenic in nature, viruses included!

The very mechanism that relieves pain via anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen is the same mechanism that alerts your body to increase the immune response to any kind of invasion. So we DO NOT want that dulled right now. 

Instead, turn to natural therapies like Boswellia, quercetin, and bioflavonoids to nurture the metabolic pathway back to stability. We need that stability right now so our immune system can adapt, or respond appropriately if and when we are exposed. 

In light of this, my suggestion is to address the root of inflammation with natural anti-inflammatory compounds in food, supplements and herbs to calm chronic inflammation so our bodies can have a very strong and healthy immune response. If it’s an acute injury, be diligent about icing. Anything that can nurture this response is really important.

Remember, a proper inflammatory response is micronutrient dependent and your kitchen is your pharmacy. I want you in your kitchen. I want you cooking nutritious foods. So here’s a list of Power Foods that you can download and use when you’re shopping..

We will get through this together.

In good health -- now more than ever,

Haylie Pomroy