Shifting Your Phases for Christmas and New Year

Before Thanksgiving, we talked about how to shift your Fast Metabolism Diet phases so that the holiday fell on a Phase 3 day. You can do the same sort of thing for Christmas and New Year.

One thing I DON’T want you to do is to wait until the New Year to get your metabolism in gear. I want you to begin 2020 looking and feeling better than ever. And you can do it without bypassing lots of your favorite holiday foods.

Shifting your Phases for Christmas and New Year

Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year — typically a Phase 2 day if you’ve been following the Fast Metabolism Diet starting on a Monday. We’re going to shift your days gradually so that Christmas Day (and New Year’s Day, if you like) fall on Phase 3. Check out the calendar below.  

Monday, Dec. 23: Phase 1

Tuesday, Dec. 24: Phase 1 

Wednesday, Dec. 25: Phase 3 (move to Phase 3 for one day)

Thursday, Dec. 26: Phase 2

Friday, Dec. 27: Phase 2

Saturday, Dec. 28: Phase 3

Sunday, Dec. 30: Phase 3

Monday, Dec. 31: Phase 3 (optional)

Tuesday, Jan. 1: Phase 1 (for one day)

Wednesday, Jan. 2: Phase 2

For Christmas Day itself, be mindful of your fats and sugars because if you’re eating too much sugar, your body will have a much harder time breaking down fats. When cooking, choose to use healthy fats like grapeseed oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Don’t add extra fats where you really don’t need them. Remember you can always saute and add moisture with chicken broth or veggie broth. Focus on fresh, flavorful foods. 

And keep an eye on our blog and Facebook for recipe tips and other strategies for getting through the holidays!