Thanksgiving on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner!

Around this time of year, we see lots of statistics about how much weight people gain over the holidays. Some of my new clients say they gain as much as 10 pounds in the six weeks before New Year. Yikes! We want to head that off at the pass. If you've got a super-hot metabolism, you'll be much better able to burn through all those holiday parties.

If you're doing the Fast Metabolism Diet, you might be thinking you're going to have to quit before Thanksgiving. But au contraire! I've got you covered.

Staying on the Fast Metabolism Diet during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, of course, is on a Thursday — now that's typically a Phase 2 day if you've been following the Fast Metabolism Diet starting on a Monday. But you know as well as I do that mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce isn't on Phase 2. So here's what you can do: We're going to shift your days over this holiday week, so your Thanksgiving falls on a Phase 3 day.

And you can do this for any big holiday. You just need to plan it out.

Check out the calendar below. During the week of Thanksgiving, you'll do just ONE day of Phase 1. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend will all be Phase 3. You'll start with Phase 1 again on Sunday, and do three days. The days in red are the days that will be different from your regular FMD schedule. Then you'll be back on your normal schedule!

Sunday, Nov. 21: Phase 3

Monday, Nov. 22: Phase 1

Tuesday, Nov. 23: PHASE 2

Weds., Nov 24: PHASE 2

Thanksgiving - Nov. 25: PHASE 3

Friday, Nov. 26: PHASE 3

Sat., Nov. 27: PHASE 3

Sunday, Nov. 28: PHASE 1

Monday, Nov. 29: Phase 1

Then you're back on your regular schedule.

On Thanksgiving itself, be careful with fats and sugars, because if you're eating a high amount of sugar, your body may have a harder time breaking down those fats. If you're the chef of the family, try to use stevia or xylitol in place of some of your sugar, and choose metabolism-friendly oils like grapeseed, olive oil or coconut oil. Put the focus on the vegetables, and make your plate super colorful.

Then on Friday and Saturday, really focus on veggies, and think about skipping the optional Phase 3 grain at dinner. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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