The Difference Between D2 and D3

Science Geek Out with Me!

Who cares what form of Vitamin D you take?

I do!

There are basically two forms of Vitamin D:

  • D2, ergocalciferol
  • D3, cholecalciferol

The body can convert both of these forms into a bioactive form, but the liver must do the work. D3 is much easier to convert and puts much less strain on the body and an already sluggish metabolism. 

Remember, the liver is super important in metabolizing fat and when you are working on healing the metabolism, I have you eliminate things that take up the liver's time—like alcohol and coffee. The same holds true in my mind when supplementing the vitamin D; the D2 form is very hard to process by the liver and D3 is much easier to process. I would rather you work super hard at things that bring you joy and fulfillment than grunting your way through the process of hopefully reaping benefits from taking a supplement that you have invested in.

Thousands of studies are out there confirming that Vitamin D can positively impact your metabolism especially when it comes to:

  • Hormone-based weight loss resistance
  • Bone density
  • Immune system modulation
  • Depression and anxiety

For centuries our foods have become devoid of the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy life; let alone bring a body back from the complex dysfunction that happens when you have a slow metabolism.

"Fortified" means Synthetic...

When I was in grad school in the Public Health department at GW, I loved reminding my sometimes anti-supplement professors that two of then TOP-10 breakthroughs in public health were made by supplementing with Vitamin D and Vitamin A. This became a government mandate that many commercial foods were fortified with Vitamin D and A. (I wish that instead, it would be mandated that in order to call something "food" and be commercially sold for human consumption, it would naturally still contain the 13 vitamins that should be natural occurring in food before we industrialized the food and the farmers!)

"Fortified with Vitamin D" means supplemented with a synthetic form of Vitamin D. So, commercially sold products like orange juice, animal and plant-based milk products, man cereals and margarine have Vitamin D added to the mix.

So, if it is widely accepted far and wide that in order to eat in this day and age we need to supplement our foods. But what form of Vitamin D do I take?

I only take a vitamin D3 because I have an autoimmune disorder and I believe in supplementing in a way that my body can actually reap the benefits of the thousands of studies showing that supplementation of Vitamin D3 can benefit my deficiencies. 

In short, I want to actually realize the benefits. I want to be a success in this story!

SO WHY IS D2 SO WIDELY AVAILABLE and often prescribed?

The science is simple.

IT IS CHEAP! As a raw ingredient D2 is super, super cheap, easy to access, and way harder on your body. The money game can affect your scale, and you might not have even thought about it!

(Please read my article about why I jumped back into the Vitamin D3 arena.)

I am a mom, a daughter, a wife, a human, a lifelong student, a clinician, an author, a nutritionist, a real estate investor, and a businesswoman and a rancher. These are just my full-time jobs! I require a lot from my body and my metabolism! I hold your health to these same standards.

Check your vitamin supplements and make sure they are of service to you!

Please be aware that Metabolism D3 and K2 is not classified as a vegan product. It is extracted from the wool of sheared sheep and then exposed to sunlight to enrich the absorption of this vitamin. This is a long and very delicate process, but I feel it's the best way to mimic the most-natural form.

This is the same reason why we do not carry a vegan enzyme. I want you to heal the metabolism and repair the dysfunction and the purest opportunity to do so is what I am dedicated to offer.

This dedication to your health is also why you won't find my name on a probiotic that can be shelf-stable in a bottle, but you will find it in a blister pack. The ones in bottles only provide transitional or transient benefits, and instead we use strains that are designed to promote re-inoculation or incubation of the gut flora. Yours MUST BE IN BLISTER PACKS!

Ok, I am going to step off my soapbox for now, but please watch for the next blog where we discuss why we add K2 along with our D3!

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