Tips for Getting Through this Extended Time Indoors— A Fireside Chat with Haylie Pomroy from 4/2/20

In this time of social distancing and self quarantining, I thought you might like to sit with your nutritionist to regroup and talk about how to best nurture ourselves, and our families.

These Fireside Chats are intended to support one another and help us connect so we don’t feel so far apart. So let’s cuddle up and have a chat. I’m doing it while sipping some Licorice tea, which is medicinal for the adrenals glands. 

People have been asking me what to do when they need to go out and about. How do we take precautions?

When my mom was heading out to the grocery store the other day, she had her mask and gloves, and I told her that instead of wearing that cute cashmere sweater, we want to wear things you can throw right in the washing machine the minute we get home. So leave anything that needs to be dry cleaned in the closet for now.

With this virus, we’re looking at a fat that’s wrapped around a protein. Heat and surfactants break that down more efficiently than anything else. So we need hot water and soap for our clothes (and for our hands, too).

If you must work outside the home, drape a clean cover over your workspace then take that home and wash that too, each day. 

Heat is helpful in the shower! So let that heat and steam moisten your mucosal membranes and blow your nose in there to help those linings shed anything you may have been exposed to. This tip also works well for those who suffer from environmental or seasonal allergies.

Combat stress eating...

It’s easy to resort to nervous eating under stressful conditions, but there’s no need to feel out of control in this situation. Here are some ways to continue soothing and nurturing your body:

  • Stay mindful of what you’re eating and have a stash of free foods readily available. Like, cut up radishes or celery placed in a bowl of water in the fridge. Both are immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, good for digestion. We have to digest and metabolize the viruses we’re exposed to, and stimulating digestion will help us break down those fats and proteins. You can nosh on these kinds of foods all day long!

  • Another trick using a food that’s easy to source right now is making Roasted Chickpeas out of organic, canned chickpeas. (Also known as garbanzo beans.) Just add flavoring and spices, shake up and roast in your oven. I have several recipes here.  

  • Popped sorghum is a wonderful alternative to corn, which is pro-inflammatory, does not help your immune system and dysregulates blood sugar. Can even make this in your air popper!

When your body needs more, you don’t want to give it less, so resist fad diets, poor eating or starvation. The more you love, nurture and feed the body, the better it can deal with stress. 

Get your Zzzzs, too!

When flooded with stress from the daily news and managing a household during this crazy time, the body can have a hard time switching off at night. Help put your body into sleep mode by drinking the broth of boiled cabbage before bed, like you would a hot tea. It’s loaded with magnesium to promote rest and relaxation, and the heat helps with vasodilation.

For a natural immune-boosting trick, the wet sock treatment is an age-old home remedy like the ones your grandma or great-grandma use to use. Now is the time to try natural remedies. This one is said to boost your immune system, and you can find it here

Are you guys making large batch meals? A lot of people are cooking together more than they have in a long time. We’re on quite the roll in our house, making a lot and putting a lot aside for another day. But there will be times when you won’t feel like cooking or you’re just too busy or distracted. Rather than cave to the urge to order out, load your freezer with foods you’ve packaged… not packaged foods!

My Lentil Veggie Power Bowl is a perfect large batch meal that freezes incredibly well! It’s vegan and vegetarian, and even though we aren’t vegan or vegetarian in our house, we are doubling down on our veggies, so this super-easy recipe is a great one to double, triple or even quadruple for your freezer!

Other great large batch recipes include my Anti-Inflammatory Chili, Coconut Curry Chicken, and Stuffed Cabbage.

Cooking puts you in control of your health and puts power on your plate. And remember to drink half your body weight in water every single day. Drinking warm tea is wonderful too, as it soothes and comforts the body. 

When it comes to staying healthy during this crisis, make sure you take a moment to decompress every day, and let go of everything that does not serve you. I want you to make sure that everything you do fits the following criteria:

  • Does it reduce my stress

  • Does it bring my job

  • Does it have the power to enhance my health

If you should find yourself gaining weight being at home, lean on my Phase 1 Super Intensive. Other helpful bundles to support you right now include my Pain and Inflammation protocol or either of my Immunity Shield bundles to get you back on track and infused with all the right micronutrients.