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Metabolism affects every aspect of life and health and it is up to us to keep ours in the best shape. Unless you’ve run into this episode by complete accident, it would be safe to assume that you’re ready to take the next step to make a significant positive impact on your health. If you are, then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of 20 simple tips that you can start applying to your lifestyle so that you can achieve faster metabolism, weight loss, and overall better health. Haylie Pomroy gives us a quick summary of the contents of her guidebook, 20 Tips to a Fast Metabolism. For a more detailed discussion of each of this tips, make sure to download the guidebook for free! 



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20 Tips To A Fast Metabolism

I want you to print out this 20 Tips To A Fast Metabolism. This is a guidebook that I use with my clients in person that I share with many people in our private community. It has the top twenty things that I feel will make a significant impact on your health. Remember that metabolism affects every aspect of your life and your health. Lets go through these together. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep

    First and foremost, I would like to talk about getting plenty of sleep. I know this is almost cliché when we talk about health and when we think about weight loss. When you sleep is when you lose all of your weight. Try it sometimes. Weigh yourself in the morning and then weigh yourself at the end of the day. You will always or typically will weigh more than you do in the morning. Even if youre in weight-loss mode, youll weigh a little bit more in the morning and then a little bit more before you go to bed. The next day when you wake up in the morning, you typically have burned your weight. 

    How does that happen when you sleep? When you are sleeping, your body is doing the majority of its building and repairing. In order to build and repair, you have to burn fuel, both from the food that you consumed and also the fuel that youve stored. Hopefullywe fed our bodies in a way that we consume fuel that comes from stored fat. Things to think of is to turn off all your technology. Get it out of your room. Try if you can to have your alarm clock as far away from you where its still going to be effective, but its not going to be subtle stimulus to your body. 

    The other thing is anything hot or warm before bed. A little bit of a hot tea or warm compress can help soothe the body. It increases vasodilation but helps soothe the body to secrete those stress-reducing hormones, those things that support sleep, rest and relaxation. Some people do well with meditationmusic or white noise. I am someone that that is too much of a stimulus. It has to be dark and quiet for me. Assess what your perfect sleep environment is. Do your best to, one, award yourself with the time thats appropriate to sleep. Give yourself enough time for sleep, and then recognize what the best sleep environment is. If you are not sleeping well, make sure that you are taking the Food Rx Quiz on the website. We want to make sure that theres not something with hormones, stress-based or sex hormone-based. Make sure that theres nothing from an autoimmune perspective. Once we cleaned up the environment, we will look for little subtle signs that we maybe need to go deeper into repairing something a little more serious. 

    Prepare Your Meals 

    Number two is to think about preparing your meals. We want to make you fall in love with your kitchen as simple as possible. My cookbooks have meals that range from things that are simple to prepare to things that are going to make you a real standout at your next family or social event. The thing that I noticed after being in many years in clinical practice is that individuals who can sustain or improve their health are individuals who have some aspect of control over preparing food that they put in their bodies. 

    Ive been to many restaurants and country clubs. Were not even talking about junky fast food places but in high-end restaurants. I went back into the kitchen and saw all the additives, preservatives, canola oil, red dynumber 5, yellow dye number 50 million, tartrazine. The things that are being servedeven in a meal that is steamed vegetables. Grab the cookbook. If you are not already a member of the support group, join me free for 30 days. Download the dips and dressings that make vegetables. If youre not a super savvy vegetable person, it makes them taste incredible and delicious, which brings me to number three, consuming more vegetables. 

    Consume More Vegetables

    If you think of vegetables as kindling for the metabolic fire, when we talked earlier about enzymes, they get the party started. They not only allow you to take macromolecules like protein and break them into micromolecules or nutrients like amino acids, but they also help activate all of your hormone receptor sites and all of your ability to break down fat. Not only are vegetables rich in fiber and folic acidgreat for inflammation and antioxidants, but they can sustain a ton of phytoenzymes. Hide vegetables if you have to in a soup stock or chili stock. Play with things like jicama, celery, almond and butterthings that your body is going to be able to use again for that catalyst. 

    With kidsI always did the little bartering when they wanted something. I would say, Ea2 or 3 vegetables, and then you can have X, and Z. You might even try that with the inner kid in you where if youre craving something that maybe isnt right for your metabolism, you tell yourself, Im going to have some bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers, then Im going to partake without guilt in whatever it is that maybe is not ideal for my metabolism. Its like kindling for that fire so you can burn through it. 

    Avoid Caffeine 

    Number four, if your metabolism is stuck. We went through all the tips that let you know you maybe are having a slow metabolism, but also if you are manifesting any kind of chronic disease. Were talking diabetes or hypertension. It may be autoimmune disorders like MS or antiplatelet antibodies. Caffeine is processed through a part of the liver that the body also has to moderate and mediate free radical damage within the cell and stress within the immune system. 

    We know this because when were looking at liver function tests, we use caffeine and caffeine clearance to see how stressed the liver is metabolically. We use caffeine in that test because it is a phytochemical that has such a profound effect on liver function. Thats why we select that as what we call a trigger nutrient to check that. Set it aside in a coffee form or soda form for sure. Agriculturally, coffee is one of our dirtiest products. Remember, fat-soluble toxins? We get fat storage, inflammation and chronic disease. The lists are long. 

    Avoid Stress

    Number five, avoid stress when you can. All of us need to be aware of the fact that our environment out of our bodies affects the inside of our bodies tremendouslyIf you can do some journaling and identify things that create stress and avoid those things, thats going to put you way ahead of the curve. Incorporating some stress-reduction techniques like tapping, meditation, deep breathingdry skin brushing and hot baths. 

    Those are very important for stress reduction, but also to fill back up an empty cup to nurture a body thats been stressed so that your adaptogenic hormones or the hormones that allow you to not go towards a disease with stress will activate. Those genetic propensities, stress hormones play a significant role in that. All of that will help fill up your cup so that you are a stronger warrior for things that you cant avoidIdentify what you have, the power to change, and implement that power. 

    Drink Moderately

    Lets talk a little bit about liquor or alcohol and moderation here. Typicallywhen youre on one of the food programs, whether youre trying to support everybody in your physician team to get you off cholesterol medication, if your goal is to not have to take hypertension medication, you have developed a good food plan. Youve picked one of my food plans. When youre on that, we typically set alcohol on the shelf. When you do participate in alcohol, you want to buy organic sulfite-free. Go for the top-shelf liquors. There are a lot less additives and preservativesToxins that we cant process, we get fat cell proliferation. We get inflammationdisease and disease processes in our body. 

    The other thing is if you do partake in some sulfite-free wine and some top-shelf liquor, dont drink your alcohol alone. I dont mean alone like in a closet, I mean alone like without having had any food. Heavy proteins and healthy fats, think avocados, almonds, maybe some shrimp, a hard-boiled egg. Thats a little trick that I take. I send it to a lot of my clients that are going to be consuming alcohol. Itimportant because it helps slow the rate of the alcohol delivery. Those are great tips. 

    Drink A Lot

    Im staying hydrated. Half your body weight in ounces of water add spring water. Much of our tap water is now chlorinated. Much of our bottled water is tap water thats had even more chlorine added to it. Much of our water thats had minerals added to them are chlorinated minerals. Turn your bottle around, its shocking when you start to look at this. Pick nice spring water, sip it throughout the day, half your body weight in ounces of water. I always sayDilution is the solution for pollution. Fat-soluble toxins, we get fat proliferationpro-inflammatory hormones and disease. Stay hydrated. 


    Be Happy 

    Number eight is a blast. Keep smiling, read comics, watch funny videos or watch Netflix comedies. There are many hormones that are secreted when you feel joy and excitement. Those hormones not only reduce inflammation but also help prevent free radical damage. They secrete these endorphins that speed up the rate of fat-soluble toxin excretion. Its important that we have joy in our lives. For some of us, joy is found in the kitchen and cooking. For some of us, its out hiking. Empower yourself by identifying the things that make you happy and then employ that power to make those decisions. 

    Avoid Fakes

    If itfake, huge mistake. No matter what you eat, no matter what plan you prescribe to, no matter if you are a die-hard, fast metabolism diet person, chocolatier or whatever it is, make sure that it is actual food. It should not be processed. It needs to be food the closer you can get to patting the farmer on the back who picked it or growing it yourself is important. It shouldnt be called food, in my opinion, if itfake, huge mistake. Were here to be healthy, to reclaim our health, and regenerate our bodies from the structure to the secretion. Iitfake, huge mistake. 

    Stay Active

    Staying active. Exercise can be a variety of different things. It can mean something different for everybody. Sometimes exercise can be a passive experience in the sense that maybe you need to have somebody doing physical therapy on your body or with your body. You need to have massage. You need to have passive stimulus through acupuncture. Maybe youre able to jump rope or do a rebounder. Every single day, you want to employ things to help move the blood and the tissue. Hormones are moved around through the blood and the tissue. If you want feel-good hormones, metabolism-stimulating hormones, sex hormones or anti-inflammatory hormones, we have to facilitate moving the blood. Weve got a lot of stuff on thisI want you to make this twenty-point checklist every single day. Some of these are going to be easy to do and some of these are going to take more effort. Every single day, I want you to focus on these top twenty. 

    Ditch Calorie Counting

    Calorie counting is an easy one on your top twenty list. Write it downput a big checkmark across it and dont ever do it again. Calories are a lie. They are a very mono-focused chemical calculation of how much energy it takes to incinerate something. It takes nothing into consideration. We talked about enzyme secretion. Therenothing in consideration about hormones, the functionality of any organssystems or glands. It tells you nothing about your gene and gene expression. Let it go. Get rid of it. It was a terrible, abusive structure that was put into the diet industry that has nbusiness in those of us who are lifelong learners and looking to stimulate our metabolism. 

    Eat Often

    Number twelve, metabolism is nutrient-dependent. Those nutrients come from consuming food and releasing the nutrients from those food particles. One of the ways to enticestimulate or excite those enzymes is to eat and snack often. Im a big proponent for five times a day and for a variety in what youre doing. Youll notice that all of my food plans use strategic food to stimulate strategic enzymesactivate particular hormones, and nurture specific structures in the body, organs, glands, systems and functions, as well as to prevent gene activation of maybe some propensities that you have in your body. Fall in love with foodUntil death do us part. It is the ultimate love affair. 

    Avoid Processed Foods

    This is my grandma talking to you. I want to make sure you eat within 30 minutes of waking. We expect a lot of our bodiesIf you can nurture and nourish it, its going to have a much better opportunity to heal the metabolism, support the metabolic pathways that have maybe become dysfunctional, and give the building blocks to regenerate healthy tissue. This might be a little bit redundant because I already talked about if itfake, huge mistake, but processed foods, I wanted to give its own category. There are many things in the health food industry now that are processed. 

    When we saw a drastic change, Ive been at this for a long time, in the gluten-free movementI saw so much packaged food suddenly showed up in the healthy section of the stores that were not healthy. It should have very minimal ingredients. When you turn it around, you should be able to identify that ingredient. If it starts having a lot of additional additives, get rid of it. Its not good for your metabolism. It can promote inflammation. Even though its gluten-free, if its free, dont buy it. 

    Spice It Up

    Lets talk about number fifteen, spice it up. I have a lot of blog posts on herbs and spices. That goes back to two things. Onesupporting enzymes, enzyme secretion and the enzymes capacity to bind. For example, if youre going to take an herbal remedy called DIM, you want to have black pepper with it because it helps those receptor sites get excited about metabolizing negative estrogensSpices are important. The other thing is a lot of the spices are very vasodilating. We talked about hormones carrying all the nutrients around and they have traveled through the blood system. When were looking to deliver those hormones through the blood and to the areas that need repair and support, that vasodilation is important. Thats why I talk a lot about infrared sauna, dry skin brushing, hot baths and spices. They are good for digestion. 

    Avoid Low-Fat

    Avoid low-fat when possible. I always say, “If it says it’s free, dont buy it.” If its fat-free, especially in the dairy world, fat-free milk and fat-free cheeses, there are a lot of chemicals, obesogens that have been added in order to give it that creamy texture. I have a Cheesemaking Guide on my website on how to make your very own homemade non-dairy cheeses. Go check that out. They are creamy. They have amazing consistency, but they do not have all of these horrid additives and preservatives. Watch for low-fat crackers. We want to know what they substituted in order to give it a creamy texture. Typically, those are very difficult for the body to digest. Metabolically, they slow the rate of burn, especially when theyre combined with a cow-based dairy. We want to watch that. 

    Consider Essential Oils

    I wanted to bring a couple of natural therapies that maybe you guys have heard a lot about. Essential oils can be very good for supporting the metabolism and metabolic pathways. Im always a little concerned when there are all kinds of crazy health claims about essential oils. I wish that didnt happen because theyre profound enough in health improvement that these crazy claims seem to water down how beautiful they are. Whave a lot of posts on this. 

    Consider essential oils, especially if youre an individual who loves fragrances because Im going to ask that we get rid of the Febreze, the air fresheners. All of those are obesogens. They’rknown obesogens. Even in our coursework in public health, we know that they slow the rate of burn. Theyre fat-soluble toxins that our bodies and environment cant break down. When we cant break something down, we have to alter ourselves to exist. In order to do that, we usually alter ourselves right into a disease state. 

    If you are someone who enjoys wearing perfumes or having their home fragrance, I want you to consider essential oils. I hate when I sayGet rid of something, and dont give you an alternativeThats why with the dairyI wanted to make a cheesemaking guide. I dont know, I felt like, I dont want to tell people not to have creamy indulgence. told you to smile and have fun earlier. I’ve got to solve a problemI feel like essential oils solve a lot of problems. We have at least five senses. Theres a lot of debate. Our sense of smell is important to our neurochemicals that occur in our brainThings like pituitary regulation and thyroid regulation are all like the thermostat or the conductor of the orchestra, things that help create the right hormone secretion. Stimulating in a positive way our sense of smell with essential oils can be very important. 

    Go Organic

    Go organic. It is worth the investment. I know it is expensive, but so is not to being well. I have a degree in Agriculture Soil Sciences. I know what production is like. I usually sayThe higher up the food chain, the more important it is. Although anything that has chicken breasts or an area of the body that would have a fatty deposit is more important even than that. Chicken eggschicken breast, and a high marble cut of meat like a rib-eye are very importantAnything that grows in the soil is very important. Think sweet potatoes and root vegetables. Ive got a great list of the Dirty Dozen, a lot of things that you can pull on the website. Check that out. 

    Take Supplements

    Number nineteen, take supplements. I own a supplement company. I also am a die-hard supplement taker personally. Thatimportant to my health from a perspective of using vitamins and minerals for strategic support of my metabolic functions. Ive talked a little bit about some tips on how to look for a multivitamin thats effective for you. I believe that mine is the very best in the world, which is why I take it. I go to great lengths to get my methylated vitamins out of Milan, Italy and Spain. We turned away way more of our raw ingredients than we end up bottling and selling. Its crazy to me how quick and easy it is to sell those raw ingredients to companies that dont have criteria in place. They allow very dirty products out into the market. 

    Ive used supplements all my life. Long before I manufactured, I formulated for many different companies out there. I grew up as a kid with systemic eczema and autoimmune disorder. I also dont process folic acid. I have a gene expression where I cant utilize folic acid without taking it in a methylated form. I was one of the first people who brought methylated folic acid from Merck GermanyWe could always give you more information about it. Im a huge supplement advocate. Itgot to be clean. Youve got to look at your manufacturer. There are not phenomenal regulations. All of what we choose to do is not even mandate it, but it makes a huge difference in my health and metabolism. 


    Fall In Love With Food

    Number twenty is as important or maybe even more important than number one is fall in love with food. Find what you like that promotes health. Double down on that, but also be open to having new experiences and exploration with food. If you dont have good hormone secretion, if your enzyme secretion is not good or if you have found yourself in a disease state, healthy food might not taste good right away. You have to retrain the taste buds. You have to re-stimulate the digestive enzymes. You have to repattern the hormone dysfunction that is taking place in your body to one of health. 

    Funny but true, I had an individual who did not eat vegetables and could not stand the taste of our metabolism shake, which is everybodys favorite. He found himself in my office in a significant health crisis. I looked him in the eye and said, If you love your wife and kids, I need you to plug your nose, close your eyes and do what I tell you to do because your metabolism is out of balance that it doesnt even know how to be in love with something thats going to save your life. The end of the story was that he now prepares amazing, incredible foods. He craves and desires those foods that have saved his life. Fall in love with food. Fall in love with the concept that it can heal your body and be open to experimenting and exploring with things that maybe youve never liked before. Thanks for going through these twenty tips. Id love to see you make a list every day. These top twenty things will completely change your life. 

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