Fast Metabolism Diet 101

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What is the Fast Metabolism Diet?

The Fast Metabolism Diet, or “FMD” for short, is a 28-day plan designed to help you to look and feel better from eating food. That’s right, eating REAL food is the key to losing weight, speeding up your metabolism, and improving your overall health. The FMD is broken down into 3 Phases with an additional Phase for maintenance.

  • Phase 1 – Unwind Stress: High-glycemic fruit + moderate protein + low-fat + vigorous cardio. For more information about Phase 1, click here.
  • Phase 2 – Unlock Fat Stores: Very high-protein + high-vegetable + low-carbohydrate + low-fat + strength training. For more information about Phase 2, click here.
  • Phase 3 – Unleash The Burn: High healthy-fat + moderate carbohydrate +moderate protein + low-glycemic fruit + stress-reducing activity. For more information about Phase 3, click here.

From now on, “D.I.E.T.” will mean “DID I EAT TODAY.” Remember this phrase! On the Fast Metabolism Diet, you’re going to eat a lot—three full meals and at least two snacks a day—but you’re still going to lose up to 20 pounds in just 4 weeks!

No calorie counting, no weird fad foods, and no deprivation. Instead, you’re going to rotate what you eat throughout each week according to a simple and proven plan that retrains your sluggish, broken-down metabolism, turning it into a fat-burning furnace! Best part, the recipes are provided for you and broken down by Phase!

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Why do I need the FMD?

This is not for first-time dieters; it’s for LAST TIME dieters. Years of poor nutrition and dieting fads may have caused you to have a slow metabolism. Good news is, there are signs of a slow metabolism! You need the FMD if:

  • It’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight.
  • You can’t lose weight no matter how much you exercise.
  • You gain weight even when you eat next to nothing.
  • You’re noticing fat in areas you never had it before.
  • You have cellulite in new places.
  • Your heels are cracked and dry, and you’re losing hair.
  • You have terrible afternoon sugar cravings.

For more about 7 Signs of a Slow Metabolism, click here.

Where do I go for resources on the FMD?

I have a TON of resources to help you get desired results through the FMD. These resources will help you stay focused, continuing to eat the RIGHT foods, and keep you updated on anything new in the FMD. Check them out below!

  • Blogs – just like this one, there are a ton of blogs on our site dedicated to guiding you through the FMD. If you have a question about a Phase, there’s probably a blog about it.
  • Facebook – this is an extremely active community, where my dedicated team and I hop on and give advice on the daily.
  • Pinterest – a great place to find awesome Phase-specific recipes and tips. Pin away!
  • Books – The Fast Metabolism Diet is a book dedicated to helping people lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days. The book is a tangible resource for you to refer to at any time. I also have it in eBook and audio form so you can read on the go!
  • App - you can now take the Fast Metabolism Diet with you on your Apple and Android device! This app is perfect for finding recipes and their phases when you’re constantly on-the-go like I am. I find the Food Lists to be my go-to resource as well. Download The Fast Metabolism Diet App here.
  • Frequently Asked Questinos and Support here

When do I need the FMD?

  • When you’ve had enough of not having enough.
  • When you’re ready to nourish and flourish.
  • When your metabolism has become broken down and is sluggish.

The time to start is NOW. Follow us on Facebook, become a member, download the app, and join the community that’s changing lives daily. Don’t you deserve a fast metabolism? Every day without intervention your sluggish metabolism becomes slower and slower. In only 28 days you can begin to repair years of metabolic damage. Don’t let travel get in your way. We have shakes, dips and dressings, plenty of on-the-go snacks, slow cooker recipes and more! There are delicious recipes for food you’d be proud to take to a party. There are even modifications you can make to meals for vegetarian and vegan options, holidays, and religious fasting. Do your body a favor, and take 28 days to repair your metabolism with the FMD.

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