Metabolism Noodles & Rice

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Perfect for any phase on the FMD or the Burn!

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I am always on the lookout for new foods to create delicious meals that will rev up your metabolism.  As you all know, my kitchen is my laboratory and creating new recipes that I know you will love is a personal mission.  I am delighted to introduce our new Metabolism Noodles and Metabolism Rice.  These unique food items have opened up a whole new world of cooking for me.  Because these are created from 100% vegetable fiber they can be used on all 3 phases of the Fast Metabolism Diet and all 3 of the Burn programs and even on the Fast Metabolism Cleanse.

Let me answer a few questions you might have:

What are they?

Metabolism Noodles and Rice are made from Konjac root, also known as Glucomannan that is a soluble dietary fiber and contain very few carbohydrates. Konjac plant is grown in Japan and China. The Konjac is then milled into a flour and made as a water-soluble hydrocolloid. The soluble fiber will slow your digestion and this will prolong the sensation of fullness.

How do they taste?

Well, when you first open the bag, I think they have kind of a natural earthy scent. I rinse mine in cold water before preparing. Then they seem to take on the flavors and essence of what you prepare them in. So they can take on a spicy, sweet or salty characteristic depending on what recipe you enjoy.

How do you use them?

We have loaded many new recipes onto the website hayliepomroy.com  Many of my clients replace their traditional pastas and rices for this product.  they can be used in spaghetti, a pasta and shrimp dish in soups or even as part of a decadent dessert.

Really can I have Noodles and Rice now on Phase 2?

These Metabolism Noodles and Metabolism Rice products are 100% plant based fiber.  They can make a meal very filing and create diversity in your typical protein and veggie phase 2 dish.  Any of the Phases on the Fast Metabolism Diet or any of the three Burns can be enhanced with these new items.  Be sure to check out the incredible recipes on hayliepomroy.com

What make our Noodles and Rice metabolism friendly?

  • Perfect for any phase of The FMD or Burn!
  • Great taste, easy to prepare and can be combined with many sauces and spices
  • Unique health benefits to complement a diet
  • Everybody in the family can eat them
  • Soy Free, Gluten Free, All Natural, Vegan

Have more questions? Get your answer below!

Can I have them on all Phases of the FMD?


Can I have them on any of the Burn programs?


How much can I have (or should I have) in each meal/snack?


How do they count them on the FMD (grain, carb, etc.)?

Free Food.

Are they unlimited or controlled on the FMD or Burn?

Typically ¼ to ½ pack per serving.

Can I eat too much of them?

They are high in fiber. I suggest introducing them into the diet 1x per day.

Can I add anything to them so long as all ingredients conform to the Phase I'm on (FMD)?


Where can I use these in The Burn?

Free Food.

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Better Than a Bowl of Pasta... Try Our Metabolism Noodles & Rice Recipes!

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