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As a cruciferous vegetable, Bok Choy is an alkalizing veggie, important for maintaining the body’s pH balance, it's also a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory food, making this recipe a powerhouse dish, especially on Phase 2!  All Phases | Serves 2Prep time: 15 minutes | Total time: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil (Phase...

Fava, Spinach and Quinoa Cakes

You will definitely want to make up a big batch of these flavorful Fava, Spinach, and Quinoa Cakes. They come together fast and reheat beautifully. Plus, the ingredients are protein-packed to help you stay energized, and best of all, satisfied!Phase 1 | Serves 6Prep time: 20 minutes |  Total time:  45  minutes  INGREDIENTS 20 ounces frozen, chopped spinach,...

Turkey, White Bean & Kale Soup

Craving warm comfort food? Look no further than this Turkey, White Bean and Kale Soup. Not only will this hearty soup help to boost your mood, but it’s also crammed with vitamins A, C, and K, not to mention cancer-fighting antioxidants and metabolism-boosting fiber. Curl up with a bowl tonight! Phase 1...

Prep time: 30 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Phase: 1
Serves: 4

Offering up a wide range of health benefits, strawberries are rich in flavonoids, folate, and anthocyanins, which can help to improve heart and brain health. Plus, they make a sweet, fruity preserve for your Phase 1 toast which is definitely going to boost your mood and put a smile on your...

This classic meal is a simple go-to recipe for a busy weeknight. Onions contain chromium, which can assist in regulating your blood sugar. Onions also scavenge free radicals, which can also help regulate your blood sugar and stress hormones, as well as, assisting you in smooth muscle regulation. Basil is...

Strawberry-Beet Sorbet

You would never guess looking at this refreshing sorbet that it is loaded with fiber and antioxidants, from the strawberries and beets, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and neutralize free radicals. Now that is a powerful treat!  Phase: 1 and Maintenance | Serves: 2 Prep time: 2 minutes | Total time: 2...